Best Gas Grill

litlmikeybFebruary 27, 2014

We are building a new home and looking to build an outdoor grilling area. We would like to go with a gas grill and looking for recommendations for the best possible high-end gas grill we can get.... Dacor? Wolf? What is the recommendation?

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Fire Magic or Lynx are about as good as it gets...
Pricey, but likely the last gas grill you will buy

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Thank you! Will look these up!

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All four should last a long time. Price is all relative, buy the best first, save down the road! Happy hunting.

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Hope I can jump in. I'm also in the market and have three requirements: the entire grill needs to be able to hold up to salt air near the coast, it needs to have infrared main burners as an option, and it needs to be made in in America (when spending this kind of money it sure better be supporting American jobs).

Fire Magic is made in the US and has a good warranty but was not readily apparent if it offers IR. Lynx covers the first two but their website does not list where they are made. FB announced a CA factory 23 hours ago. I just messaged them on FB and they confirmed all of their grills are made in the USA - and that they now need to update their website.

So aside from Lynx, does anyone have additional suggestions for rust adverse, IR, and US made?

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