epoxy floor...pretty expensive?

grullablueNovember 14, 2010

So I've been looking up all I can about eventually putting an epoxy finish on my bare concrete floor in the basement. I've mentioned it to some friends....and nearly all of them comment on how expensive it is to do that. Now I've not looked at price yet... I haven't even measured the area that needs to be done (well, the "rec room" area is about 20x24 or so...then there's a hallway, guessing 7' wide....not sure how long, and another area at the bottom of the stairs, maybe 12x12 feet.... It's the type of project I'd like to DIY, and not sure yet if I can get it to match up right if I split it up into two or three sections (large area, hall way, then 12x12 area).

I guess I would have thought this would surely be cheaper than installing carpet and pad (which we could do ourselves)....and a lot easier to clean up...so I'm not just thinking price here. I'd rather have the epoxy over carpet....but if epoxy is insanely expensive...it may not be a recent future project either!

The numerous responses I've gotten "ohh, that's expensive" kinda got me thinkin!

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You may want to consider just painting the floor with concrete paint. Based on your measurements you provided, a five gallon bucket and a 12" roller kit should cost you less than $100. In my new house, the builder left the basement very dusty. For my one year walkthru I had the builder mop the basement. Immediately after drying, I painted the whole floor. What a world of difference in minimizing the dust. I am changing my furnace filter less often. Vacuuming the floor is much easier expecially in my work shop. You could also buy the epozy garage paint at 3-4 times the basic concrete paint but I don't think you would get the same return on investment. Good luck.


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Does just regular paint help protect the floor somewhat? My concrete floor is all stained from years of occasional pet accidents...etc.... I'll leave out the details, but I have a pet with stomach issues who has a difficult time keeping his food down sometimes. Seems no amount of scrubbing has taken care of some of these stains I've found! I love the epoxy look, but afraid my project may be too big to be cost effective for us.... we do have a partially finished basement, and the part that is not yet finished will someday be a rec/game room. We already have our things set up down there, it's just not finished yet. So whatever we do, I'd like it to look nice. But I'd rather not have any more carpet than we already have......with pets, ya know! Thanks for the input!

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don't use ordinary paint! it's not meant for concrete, and won't last. then you're in the pickle i am with worn off paint in some area and stuck in others (and i used porch paint)

check the colors of the garage floor paint system...some are quite neutral...and a floot that can withstand oil and greese can do ok with pets...btw don't blame rover or kitty as much as the artifical colors in pet food, sigh!

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No, I meant regular concrete floor paint vs. epoxy, as the poster above was talking about. Thanks for the warning though!

And the staining I think is from stomach acids and things I think...I feed holistic/natural pet foods without all that extra artificial stuff. What pet cares if their food comes in all those pretty colors...lol.

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You might want to give the floor a wash with a muriatic acid solution first to clean and lightly etch it. Be careful though since muriatic acid is Hydrochloric acid and very corrosive and if combined with bleach can cause a very dangerous gas. Keep the area well ventilated with a fan and open windows or door if possible.

After that, any of the big box home improvement stores or your local paint store will have a suitable product for the concrete floor. It holds up well under normal use (will wear if heavy things are lugged over it or abrade the floor) and sure helps with clean-up and keeping the area clean.

We just did out floor and used a tinted concrete paint. It was less expensive than an epoxy paint but for our use it worked just as well.

The epoxy systems aren't THAT expensive if you DIY. The cost issues that neighbors might be referring to possibly involve having it professionally done. The tricky part, in my mind, involve spreading the "sparkles" over the floor. Might be an issue when doing it in sections.

In another area of our basement we used a 12"x12" vinyl tile. Sheet goods wouldn't work due to possible moisture issues from the concrete, but the tiles have been in place for 15 years and are holding up very well despite numerous overflowing washing machines, water leaks and other damp situations.

Good luck!

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Hi there. Although I am not certain of what the cost of an epoxy floor would be you can check out this link http://www.garageenhancements.ca/DoItYourself-rental-epoxy-savings-grinder-diamond-do-it-yourself-rental.htm It might help you budget the project.

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