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cookingrvcFebruary 9, 2002

Thought I would bring your attention to a thread on the 'cooking' forum to share with us your 'secrets' to making the perfect hamburger.

Darkmenace started a thread 'Perfect Hamburger, have you found it'.

Please join us there and share your tips with us.


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I use onion powder, salt and pepper. I cook with high heat over an open flame.
Always use the 30% fat. The lean meat seems too dry.

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When i make mine I pour Kikomens sauce over top mmm Its in chinese section at the grocery store.Good on steaks too.

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I make my patties out of med. ground hamburg and freeze them. When I am ready to BBq I thaw them and sprinkle on a good amount of McCormick's Montreal Steak Spice and some garlic powder. Near the end of the cooking time sometimes (not always,) I will baste with some Dianna, spicy BBq sauce.

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In the nearby city where I live is a tiny hamburger joint that hangs a sign that says "We didn't invent the hamburger, we just perfected it". The joint's founder says "a lot of people are going to disagree with me, but you need a thin patty and a hot grill to bring out the maximum flavor."

I've applied that concept to my patties. I like the 70/30 beef to fat combination. I will take a third lb of beef, and some finely chopped fresh onion, and using a meat mallet, will pound the chopped onion into the beef, and flatten the patties until they are about 1 1/2 times the size of the bun. I will only season them with salt and a little pepper.

Over a hot outdoor grill (I prefer a charcoal grill with natural lump charcoal with hickory wood chunks added), I will build my fire to about 600*.

The patties are thrown on right over the hot coals. Being thin, it will only take about 90 seconds for the juices to be oozing out the top of the patties. I flip them once, leaving them about a minute on the other side. I leave the lid up on my grill so the coals will mix with the fresh outside air. Of course, the flaming fire will "kiss" the meat, charring it just slightly on the surface. It should shrink down to the size of the bun, overhanging the edges just slightly.

I like serving the patty right on the bun, while the burger is still sizzling. The top half of the bun should be about 1/2 off the patty so it can be easily removed to add the other desired condiments.

These burgers are a huge hit everytime I serve them up. A thin patty and a hot fire--a must combination for the most flavor.

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1 lb. 28% fat hamburger
1/2 packet Lipton onion soup mix
That's all!
Make as many or as few patties as you want from this.
Immediately after putting on grill, flood with beer and sprinkle with garlic salt. Turn once and repeat beer and garlic salt. The alcohol keeps the meat tender, works excellent on steaks as well. Wonderful flavor. Enjoy.


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My perfect hamburger
By Davie wormy

Here it is ehhh?!?!:

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My favourite's the onion soup mix but my friend made them up for us with her mother's recipe and all she uses is milk and salt. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!They were terrific and she got if off the Food Network.

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Having flipped scores of these juicy burgers over the past 30 years, this is my technique.
After placing the meat in a bowl, I add just a few shakes of garlic powder, MINCED onion, salt, pepper & some worchestershire sauce.I make about a 5oz patty, first rolling into a FIRM meatball then flattening it to a 1/2" thickness. Over hot coals, I grill it until half cooked, then flip ONCE and continue cooking for just another 2 minutes-being careful NEVER pressing down on the patty with a spatula-as it will seep all of those great juices from the burger.
MY favorite burger is to make 2 thinner pattys & place 1 heaping TBS of crumbled bleu cheese on one patty, then top with the other patty & press the edges together. Delish!!

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OK, maybe it is a bit more than 10% fat, it's hard to tell as you cut the chuck steak up for grinding. I have also used sirlion steak and love that too.

If you use good ingredients then it usually tastes good!

S King

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I add a bit of A-1 sauce to the meat mixture (25-30% fat)salt and pepper and some Montreal Steak Seasoning and grill over a hot fire. I form them just thick enough so the middle stays a nice meedium rare and the burger is juicy.

Nothing worse for me than a dry burger.

I also like a toasted bun.

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I use ground chuck Imix in montreal steak season, Eggs,worstershie,italian bread crumbs and allspice and cook over low heat slow until it is alittle rare when you take it off it will finish cooking.

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diced onion
diced mushrooms
clove crushed garlic
chilli powder
Mix with burger, pat out & grill over charcoal with wet hickory bark.

Everyones favorite here at my house!

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I make my burgers with 80/20 hamburger and i mix in seasoned crutons and diced onions and green peppers and add a few drops of worchestire and a sprinkle of liquid smoke...grill em med rare and put em on a toasted kaiser bun for the utmost dining experience. there always a hit with the adults and grandkids as well

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I use

ground beef
Worcestershire sauce
garlic powder
soul seasoning

I coined these burger Raleigh Burgers in my area, they are the best I've ever had and I have never heard any complaints about them...they are so good you don't even need and catchup, mustard, or mayo

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