Soapstone for bathroom countertop?

MabiesJanuary 24, 2014

We have soapstone countertops in our kitchen (2 years now) and love them... now are making choices for our tiny MB remodel ... found a pretty soapstone remnant; we tagged it but I am wondering if others have used it in their bathroom and what their thoughts are, as far as showing water spots, etc., as compared to granite or manufactured quartz.

Thought I'd be getting a light colored top for the bathroom, but just didn't get excited about any of the corian or silestone or granite samples... but when we saw this soapstone, we were kind of giddy !!

Also, we thought we were going to have a white vanity, but with the soapstone are reconsidering that also... rest of the bathroom will be kind of traditional -- subways, chrome, hex tile, white cast iron tub, white built in cabinet....

Any thoughts greatly appreciated!

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I'll give it a thumbs up. I've done a few soapstone bathroom counter tops over the years, never heard back anything negative.

One of the most unique bathrooms I ever did was all soapstone. And when I say "all", I no kidding mean "all".

It was just drop dead dramatic.

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mongo-do you have any pictures of the bathrooms you did with soapstone? If so, I'd love to see them.

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Mabies, can you show a picture of your remnant? I have done a bathroom in remnants that was quite fun. I will provide a link to the reveal. The pieces were for the most part no wider than 12" wide and very long. I seamed multiple pieces together to finish my 2 counters and my sink/backsplash. I have the surface sanded to a grit that is probably 80 or at the most 120. This stone is very soft and VERY variable in veining. I love this stone. I do not oil it, the color is so soft and lovely. A year later and I still love it!

Picture of the vanity with an almost finished wainscot:

Counter over by the tub that is seamed down the long center:

Here is a link that might be useful: Enduring's Bathroom Reveal

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I do, but I'm not at liberty to post them on a public forum.

However, Enduring to the rescue! Enduring, is that a current photo? Has the interior of the sink oxidized at all with use?

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enduring, that is one of the most wonderful bathrooms I have ever seen. That sink is unbelievably beautiful!

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Mongo, I think it has a little bit. I will take a picture after I clean it and dry it. That will be this evening. I am heading out just now.

Debrak2008, thank you so much for the complement :) I saw a smaller antique sink for sale on line a few years ago so it was my inspiration. The vanity, I drew up for the carpenter and he did a spectacular job of building it. He measured my sink and weeks later when he showed up with the vanity, it slipped right in. I don't think it even needed leveling. He paid attention to some styling details that I didn't think of, such as reveals of surfaces and a routed large bead on the apron. The legs were bought online. I looked for the right configuration - plan square to lathed surfaces - so that he could get it to work with the needs of the design. I believe the legs we ended up with were 37" or taller. then cut down at the top to work. The vanity is 36" finished with counter.

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I have a soapstone counter in the bathroom (and kitchen) and I love it. Several pics in this album, just click "next" in upper right corner.

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And enduring-I have to say again-I just LOVE that sink and vanity and shelf and bathroom!! And sink! We are just starting our MBR remodel adventure, and I don't know if we will be able to incorporate soapstone into it somewhere or not. We'll see. I do so love our kitchen counters . . .
Oh-did I mention how much I love your sink?!!

sundownr-thanks for those pics as well.

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Mongoct, here is a picture of my sink interior. It is wet along the bottom edges. It has not changed much but a little darker I think. Overall it looks the same as the exterior of the sink and surrounding counters.

Sundownr, very elegant bathroom. I really like that tiny detail of black margin between your tiles. I is just perfect. The circles look lovely sitting on top of the black line.

Leela4 thanks for the compliments. I am very happy that my sink and bathroom are a pleasure for you to see.

This was my inspiration photo. When I began the project I tried drawing the sink with a straight backsplash, but I just loved this picture I found and thought I could try the scallops at the ends. In my drawings the straight splash was so heavy, visually. The cut outs just lightened it up so much. I thought it made is more "sweet".

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