Old dishes & bowls have any value?

suziecaMay 28, 2008

Hello, I have been over on the Kitchen forum and just started reading things here. I'm hoping some of you can help me out. I have these bowls & dishes from when we were first married. I have no use for them now BUT, I don't want to give them away or sell in garage sale if there might be some value here. Could you take a look and let me know what you think I should do with them? I also included a set of "huggers".

Thanks so much!

Here is a link that might be useful: Old dishes

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The Fire King bowl caught my eye as I am a jadite collector, well, very small time, but I collect it! I was eyeballin the yellow mixing bowl as well.
When I got started with this kind of thing I found the internet a great place to play.Check out ebay and just google the names on your dishes and see what you come up with.

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I think it's all charming....the Jadeite and the yellow pyrex stand out....but so does that bakerite mixing bowl.
It would garage sale very well....but research the price and ask what it's worth.
I have bought some very nice things at garage sales....and paid some big bucks for some stuff.
Linda C

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I am lusting after the bowls with flowers in/on them!!!
You need to have an internet sale :^)

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Those bowls with the flowers are Taylor Smith Taylor Petit Point pattern. I have 3 soup/cereal bowls, one mixing bowl and one veg bowl. They are all well used. That's all I had when first married so they got plenty of use. There are a few chips, etc. - not perfect condition at all.
When you say have an internet sale do you mean sell them on EBay?
Actually I didn't find much out there with this particular pattern...so maybe I could get a decent price for it?

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Isn't the yellow Pyrex bowl is one of a set? -- my Pyrex mixing bowl set has 4 bowls, yellow, green, red and blue. I paid $15 for the green one to finish the set. I bet someone is missing a yellow of that particular size!

I've come to the stage where if I have something which I no longer want or use and none of the family wants I just get rid of it, either by garage sale or donation. I know I've gotten rid of some reasonably valuable things that way, but what the heck -- if I don't want it, it's clutter and worthless to me. It might be a treasure in its new life.

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Yes, it was part of a set...it's the largest of the sets they used to make. DH wants to have a garage sale so I will put the stuff out and what doesn't sell goes to donation. You're right, it's not something that I will use nor do I want it anymore...just takes up space in my new cabinets.

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I have my mom's Pyrex bowl set. I use it often! I see the sets sometimes in antique stores for $70-90.

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I just spent the afternoon going thru Antique/Collectible shops in town...I think I'll keep my yellow pyrex bowl and Jadeite Fire King bowl...those things are going for a lot in those stores! Well, at least they're priced kind of high. I don't know if anyone's buying the stuff. But it made me think again about getting rid of it.
In one of the shops they were telling me that stuff from the 50's is quite popular now esp. colored pyrex items.

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Tell your husband that a garage sale may be more work than it's worth. We just had one. I had a lot of things I inherited from my mother. The ones I could find on ebay I priced at l/2 or less than the average price on ebay. I put the ebay average price on the tag. I sold very little of it. In the past Saturday has been a big day for garage sales around here with lots of traffic. We got very few people. The sign was on a very busy street (runs right in back of our house) so was very easy to find. We guessed that the price of gas is keeping people at home. Also, we did run an ad. My advice to anyone thinking about having a garage sale, is get out on Saturday, go to a few and ask how the traffic has been. We also had a ton of misc. items priced very cheap that in the past would have sold.

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You make a lot of valid points esp about the gas. We went to 2 sales in our neighborhood yesterday...mostly junk. I think with the economy like it is there are likely more 'sellers' than 'buyers' out there.

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Check your library or book store on collectable dishes. Also check Antique Road show ==they might have something similiar. It seems to me people are not buying dishes much now. I have some cups and saucers that are over 200 years old and cannot sell them.

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Glad you decided to keep the Pyrex and Jadite bowls....
You can always get rid fo sometning, but it's hard to get it back once it's gone.
They are neat old bowls and currently very "trendy"....whatever that means!
Linda C

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Does anyone know if the yellow large pyrex bowl ever came in a set with any other colors except yellow, green, blue and red?

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The yellow bowl was part of the set with the red blue and green. I never saw it any other way.
Wow, mariend! 200 year old cups and saucers? What are they? Who made them?
In my experience, people b uy anything at any time...IF the price is right.
Linda C

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I am cleaning my grandmothers house out after her passing away..been sad but have found many treasures..seems 50's things more desairable than her older things/??.doing estate sale any tips Welcome..Im in Ga. need help on pricing an adversting??

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6 inche Bowle,from Ralston checker board Squre. Inside rime (Find the Bottom. On Bottom UM-m All Gone. Med. Blue.

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Can't tell a thing without pictures....and for a new question it would be a good idea to start a new thread.
Linda C

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I have set of grandmothers dishs, Taylor Smith Taylor 12 42 1. 16 dishs 2 platters 1 potatoe with lid 2 veg. bowls cream & sugar bowls and with cup sauser and desert plates to match. Are they of any value, if so how much? originally bought in 1930.

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Are Kenwood - made in Japan dishes worth anything?
Also, Nikkoware "finest handcrafted ironstone" - made in Japan dishes valuable?

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