a great dill chicken recipe

als_gardenFebruary 10, 2007

I use unbreaded chicken breasts in this recipe. I make it in a dutch oven over a open fire with good coals.

8to 10 chicken breasts

large can cream of chicken soup (campbells)

small can cream of celery soup (campbells)

diced green peppers cut into strips

oregano to taste/ dill seed to taste aprox 1/4 teaspoon

I grill the chicken in a frying pan slightly brownin them. then put the soups and peppers and spices mixed well into the dutch oven and lay the chickenbreast onto this and simmer for 20 minutes after hot. them lightly mix the breasts around and sprinkle with more dill seasoning untill the top of the soupmix is slight green color then let them simmer another 20 or 30 minutes and serve piping hot with a baked potato or on a toasted kaiser bun. this is so yummy and they come back for more.

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