Ironworks gas grill

sundance1February 22, 2007

Greetings, Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about the Ironworks gas grills? I was under the impression these were high end units. After three years my grill has just about disintegrated. No response from company. I'm beginning to think that charcoal is the only way to go. I have 2 charcoal Webers that are 20 years old.

We BBQ 4-5 days a week. What kind of grills do you folks have? How about the Weber gas grills?

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Ironworks is still in business but I agree I would probably buy a DCS or Weber etc... I've owned my for many years and while it has done the job, the workmanship of my queen mary, the stainless metals is not first quality and it will rust and the burners deteriorate rapidly. Kirkland makes a pretty good one..


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I am with you . I have been trying to replace my 4 cast iron burners for a year now . I only have 2 working at the moment . I have had my Ironworks grill buddy for 10 years on a pole to my 2 nd floor deck . I replaced the 4 burners 3 years ago after the original burners lasted 7 years . The replacements where not that good . all of them have flaked away . I can not get any response from Top gill , they have gone dark on me . Why , I can not figure out . Poor customer service

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If anyone knows of a similar burner that can replace the burners in the ironworks grill 24' , please post . My gill is still in good shape , except for the burners

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hmm hmm :)

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