Ceramic vs Gas - is it practical?

Lucky_RuggerFebruary 26, 2014

I will be installing a new grill this summer in an outdoor kitchen. I only have room for one grill, and if it was only me, I would opt for a primo oval xl today. That said, I have a 1.5 yr old, a 4 yr old, and may have another little one some day. All parents know that life is always busy with little ones. Really, how practical is a kamado grill compared to gas? Will I regret not being able to simply "turn the knob"?

I'm not really looking for why a ceramic is better, I fully concede on that point. Anyone out there with small kids and all adults with full time+ jobs that only use a ceramic? Do you regret the switch?

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We are building an outdoor kitchen and putting in a ceramic Kamado Joe...we have kids ages 7, 3, and 2 and both work outside the home. With today's easy starting methods, I'm not sure the time to let a gasser heat is any different than letting a kamado light.

I've yet to hear of someone who "regretted" ...for ANY reason, going with a Kamado.

Real world feedback...sorry, I got none.

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I have a 7yo and me and the wife both work full time. I was a gas grill guy my whole life. Im about to build an ODK and got a primo to try out because i heard so much about them. I absolutely love it and so does the wife. With that said it takes a little more effort to get it going but what I do is make sure the grill is prepped before hand....clean and loaded. Then when I am going to grill I usually light the pit then prep the food...but the time the food is ready the grill is too. I do a lot of indirect heat then sear so I dont get the temps too high at first but it can if I need it too. I love the primo so much im going to have 2 in my odk vs a primo and a gasser. Now I will have more room for bigger bbqs...can have different temps for different style cooking...or indirect smoke on one full primo then sear on the other.

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