Leveling uneven concrete floor as final surface

tanamaNovember 12, 2009

I searched through here and found a lot of questions about leveling an old concrete basement floor in order to install tile, laminate or some other flooring, but all I want is to level an old concrete floor and use that surface as the final flooring.

This is a very small basement (maybe 80sq ft) in an old (1930's) house, and all it's used for is to house the furnace and some storage.

However, I keep reading that most self-leveling products can't be used as the final surface to walk on. I can't believe that's true for every product out there, but I have no clue where to start looking for an option that will work for us.

Someone walks on this floor MAYBE once a month, twice at most, so there's no real traffic to deal with. Because of our extremely high water table (I'm in an area where it's extremely unusual to have a basement, for good reason!) we do get water on the floor, seeping in from the bottom seams of the basement if we get several inches of rain (like we're being blasted with right now!), so the main reason I want to smooth this floor out is to keep that water from pooling in the dips and make it easier to sweep (or automatically direct) it towards the sump well.

Suggestions for any product that a novice-to-concrete DIY person could apply fairly easily are MUCH appreciated!

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Once someone can help me identify a product, I have a few application questions:

1. Since I have several large dips in the flooring, should I do an initial layer to bring those up higher (basically just spot-filling) before doing a second final coat, so that the final coat doesn't have a widely varying depth?

2. Is there any way, either by putting something down in advance or grinding it out later, to put a series of grooves in the surface to help direct water to the sump well, similar to what you might see in a ?

And finally, while I have no doubt that whatever basement waterproofing advice you have is excellent advice, please understand that's not what I'm asking here -- I am addressing those questions elsewhere, and we're doing all we can to redirect water away from the house. There's just not a lot of options when a lot of the water is coming UP, not over or down. Thanks!

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Hi Tanama, I have a similar problem to the one you posted way back when (I hope you got your basement sorted out in the meantime!).

I have a patio area outside, open to all weather, that I constructed and topped with concrete, a nice, thick slab - completed about a month ago. The finish is quite rough and a little uneven. Now I want to tidy it up and get a smooth surface, as much for the look of a well-finished job as anything.

Were you able to get any advice and can you give me some, please. I'm quite happy to leave the surface with the cement look (I'm going to add some colourant to the screed mix)so I also need to know if, once the cementing has been completed, do I need some kind of sealer.

I hope you can help.


Kevin keenan, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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