Please help! Is my sump pump broken?

rmslayerNovember 9, 2006


I have my dehumdifier draining to my sump pump. Today I noticed that there is water accumulating there and the sump pump is not clearing it out. I tried to add more water to see if it activates it but I have to add alot of water so bailed out on testing it further.

Should water build up like that? The water level is just above wheere the rocks are but not fully submerging the pump iteself.

Feed back much appreicated.

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If the float control is set too low it causes the pump to turn on and off too often which is a conditioned called 'short cycling" and will cause the pump motor to overheat. Typically the floats are set to turn the pump on when the water level in the sump is 6" to 10" deep then pump it down to the bottom.

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Have you tried lifting the float and seeing if it comes on?

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