Summer Kitchen Ideas?

Sam_I_AmJanuary 22, 2005

We are getting ready to build a summer kitchen. I have a large patio so space is not an issue. I envision a long bi-level bar. The top bar will function as "bar" seating. We'll entertain out there and serve drinks. The other side will be our built in grill. I'm not sure which type of grill to get. Is infra red all it's cracked up to be? Would it serve any other use besides a rotisserie? I was looking at the Flame Tech grill. Any comments? Also, I'm thinking I don't want a sink. Will I regret that? I'd love to see some pictures of people's summer kitchens. I haven't even decided on the materials. It will probably be concrete block/stucco. Would I be crazy to get wood cabinets? We live in FL, but not on the water. Thanks for any input!

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go for it

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I wouldn't do wood outside in Florida. I'm in Coastal Texas. Stainless Steel Cabinets are the only way to go here.

I think you will use an outdoor sink more than you realize. How many times have you dropped a utensil? or needed to wash up? Cross contamination happens very easily.

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i,m also wanting to build a outdoor kitchen or grill area
i was thinking about a brick oven also but am not sure of the cost cleanup & maintenance.

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