Towel hooks inside the shower?

GWloloJanuary 22, 2013

Please vote and help me decide the towel hook placement in this bath. Our family bath shower is 6 1/2ft by 11ft with the shower area at the far end spanning the entire 61/2 ft by 4ft. This is a curb less shower and we are doing frameless shower door with a door at one end. There are no towel bars.

I want to place 3 hooks for towels inside the shower> near the door. The shower head will be at the opposite end.

Hooks inside the shower - which one?

Or this one

I also want to place a couple of hooks on a lower level outside the shower door below the decorative border

Here is view of the bathroom looking at the sink and the door from the shower. I will probably use a similar smaller hook for a hand towel to the left of the mirror

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where did you find such beautiful hooks? One is just as nice as the next. I'm not much help on the placement.

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Sofa, the hooks are from restoration hardware.

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I prefer the one with the balls - but it wouldn't match the one you're thinking of using outside the shower.

Have you chosen your faucets yet? I assume you've chosen your shower hardware. If you post that style, that will help. But the hooks should play off the shower and vanity hardware.

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Love the walnut vanity!

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I prefer hook #1 (the one with the glass balls), but I think hook #2 (with the curved hanger ends) better matches the 3rd hook (which I assume is the one going outside the shower). Would you consider doing hook #1 inside and out?

Also, your walnut vanity and accent tile are gorgeous. I look forward to seeing your finished bathroom.

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The shower and the faucets are all Hansgrohe.

The walnut vanity was a totally lucky find on CL.

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Looking at the faucet style, I think the 2nd hook is better. Do the 2nd and 3rd hooks match - one is a single and one a double? If so go for it. But I'm not sure if you'll need a double towel hook in the shower - will you really double up wet towels? If not, then I would go with the single hook style, your third.

Your vanity is gorgeous. It's exciting, no? It's good you're not underestimating the importance of coordinating the little details. YOu're in great company here on GW!

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I would select the third hook because the trim plate is round and matches the handheld. Love your faucet.

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Are you asking for help choosing which hooks? I thought you wanted help with the placement of the hooks. If you want help with the placement, a floor plan would be very helpful.

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Cat builder,

I wanted opinion on both the type and placement of hooks.

Here is the layout of the bathroom.

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