Grilled lobstertails

PatriciaJanuary 20, 2001

Help-I don't know how...I have a wonderful guy I would love to impress-Can anyone give me instructions?

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go to page three of this forum 18th one down might
help good luck!

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brwnthumb in FL

We've always done ours one of two ways: (These are Florida Lobsters)

1) Use a heavy knife to split the top shell length wise. Leaving the tail together (to hold the 2 halves together) From the front, pull the meat up thru the split, again leaving attached at the tail end. Squeeze the shell halves back together so the meat sits on top of the shell. This is easier than it sounds, and looks great!

Sprinkle some paprika on top (or any spice you like, cajun is great!). Grill meat side up in a closed grill. Paint with melted butter a couple times while cooking. When the meat becomes opaque, flip it to meat side down just long enough to give it a little brown.

Don't over cook, or they dry out.

2) You can also split them from the underside & cook shell side down with the meat still in the shell. Use the method as above. Its a little tougher to get the meat out when eating, but quicker to prepare and easier to manage on the grill.

Some of our friend like them wrapped in foil with the butter and spices in side. (you still need to split 'em), but where's the flavor?

It's a mortal sin the boil them.

(Time to go to the Keys!)

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Try serving them when you are nude. It should work.

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Great response John/lpsage. You are definitely a high-class dude. Did you get that self-endowed "Certified Grill Expert" title after this helpful post?

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There he is again.....Dipsage! Isn't he ever so informational?

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Go getem' Delray & Meagain!!
He is kind of like a computer virus.........
enough said

Tomorrow is still a go. I will see you where we discussed. Virco madness!!


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Again, a genius at work. I wonder if he looks anything like
the sausage guy at the top of the front page? Looks
kind of like a CGE cooking brats.

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I never take a chace with lobster tails in the shell. It is too easy to dry them out. I remove them from the shells and I brush them with melted butter mixed with some finely grated orange rind and grill for about a minute to get nige groll marks. I then remove them from the grill and slice into i/s thick medallions, brush them again on both sides and finish grilling them for about another minute. Brush with the butter orange mixture and they are to die for!

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