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bsteeves86November 28, 2010

I have a door in my basement that leads under my front stairs which houses my oil tank and water softener. The door is your standard interior door which does very little to keep out cold air and creepy crawlies from coming into the basement. In an ideal world I would have the door replaced with a heavy duty door but the door jam is an akward size and not very level. Not to mention I just finished painting the entire basement including all the trim. Does anyone have any good tips for how to properly seal this door while still allowing me to use the door.

Thanks in advance

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I'm imagining that you have about a 1" space at the bottom. I believe I would purchase a threshold and install it on the floor - probably will need to saw the stop on the side of the jamb to the correct height in order to slide one below the door. This will probably close 3/4" of the space. Then purchase one of those flexible sweeps and attach to the inside bottom of the door such that it will close the remaining space. This won't make it weather tight or confine the critters but will eliminate most the the cold air.

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You can also glue on two-three inches of EPS or XPS foam board to the service room side of the door.

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just be sure your oil burner is not sealed up in there...they need to breath....

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The oil tank is behind that door, however my oil burner is at the opposite side of the basement. I have a system called system 2000. Does that make sense I'm not to familiar with the system?

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