Bosch dishwasher lower rack is falling apart

barbara48January 4, 2012

I have SHV66Ao3///UC/14 Bosch dishwasher and the lower rack is falling apart. We can no longer put plates in it since the tines will not stay upright. We have tried all sort of remedies such as buying new parts and pieces (clips and whatnot) and plastic pieces that might keep it together. When I call ed Bosch she said that since it was 5 years old she could give me a 25 percent discount($120) to get a new one. She had no suggestions. I hate to spend another thousand dollars on a dishwasher but this one does not clean all that well. As a matter of fact it doesn't clean at all unless you use the packets. Between the two problems, I would never buy another Bosch product as many of you have said.

Got any suggestions on how to salvage this dishwasher? Should I just spend the

$120 for the rack and know that it probably will happen again?

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"She had no suggestions. "

I do - tell her to send you a check and buy a Miele.

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The tines you are talking about are replaceable. If there is nothing else wrong with the rack, just get the set of clips to repair the rack. You will not gain much by buying a whole new rack if there is nothing else wrong other than a few failed clips. If the tines themselves are bent or damaged, then replace them, too. You can find most of the parts on or at searsdirect.

The thing is, that machine should be cleaning fine. Have you removed the filter to clean it? Checked that there is nothing rattling around in or blocking the spray arms (upper and lower)? Also, there is a feed tube that plugs into a port in the bottom of the tub right behind the lower spray arm. Make sure it is tightly in place, pressed in all the way. If that feed tube is not in the port all the way, it will cause the spray pressure to drop resulting in unsatisfactory dishes.

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I will check all those things although I think I have done it. I especially like the suggestion about the check...We have bought a million clips and they seem to just fall off.

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Well, a Miele would certainly be nice. If you have the dough, screw the Bosch and go get yourself a nice Miele. They are excellent machines.

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They fall off, but they should clip right back on... Not exactly easy to get them all the way on, so not trying to say you didn't do it right, but know from my own experience with our Bosch, maybe you're not pushing them into place all the way? I really wish I could afford new racks for our 2 Bosches, too, because the replacements don't seem to have all these annoying parts and pieces.

There was a recent discussion about changes in dishwasher detergent chemical makeup that influences how well it works. The cleaning issue may be your detergent instead of the dishwasher.

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Maybe I will spend the 120 and get new racks.

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I am curious what you ended up doing.
My dishwasher was purchased back in 99. Still cleans well, but I use the product called Leme Shine in it to break up our hard water. I have the exact same problem with the lower tines and lower racks collapsing. Its sooo fustrating. So, what you are saying is that the new racks are actually capable of fitting into the older dishwashers ? Am I understanding you correctly. Because I did look at then new ones, and the racks are stationary. I am looking for clarification..My sister in law also has the same problem.. Thanks for your help.

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I think you should be able to visit a parts website, put your dishwasher model number in, and see what rack comes up as a replacement that will fit. I, too, get so tired of the rack pieces coming apart and adjusting themselves, and wish I could swallow the $250 to replace the bottom racks in both of ours. I probably would be doing it if we weren't having to replace the kitchen floor.

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Bosch? The only problem with them is they are made by Bosch. Find a large garbage can and place it in there, and go buy something usable.

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I've had the same problems with our Bosch dishwasher. I've solved it by using plastic zip ties to hold the tine racks in place. It really works well...

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the plastic zip ties also solved my Bosch rack problem. They are like magic. I use Finish dw detergent and am now totally happy with my Bosch.

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I have wondered if those fold-down tines would be a problem in the future. Thanks for sharing the tip on using the plastic bag ties. I hope we won't need them, but it's good to know a work-around fix if we do.

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