Grilled Porcupine

wheely_boyJanuary 10, 2004

Is any one paying any attention out there? Am I the only one that drags my gas grill into the freezing cold garage to grill every Sunday?

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I do it sometimes. Maybe not on a Sunday..... but sometimes.
Porcupine.......nope. Knew a guy that ate a cat one time (stringy, bad taste), but not a porcupine.

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I know lots of people who don't even bother to drag the grill anywhere.....just fire it up outside the door....3 or 4 times a week.
Linda C

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I have a hard enough time maintaining a constant temp. in the grill in the garage. I can't imagine what it would be like in the dark, wind and a foot of snow. I guess if I had a somewhat protected spot I'd do it.

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The cool thing about grilled porcupine?

It comes with its own serving implements...

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Ya,what Linda said.

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We grill outdoors all the time but our path to the grill keeps filling in this year. Having a tough time keeping it open. I'm dying for some grilled chicken too!


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I fill sorry for you guys. Where I'm from it never snows. I just love to bar-b-que. I don't like the smell in the house so I do most of my cooking outside. It's just me and my husband. I have a pit in the front and one in the back. I just bought this cool trap for the grease that falls from your pit. You need to get one. Check it out It's about someone got smart.
Must have been a cajun
cajun cat

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I grill all winter and although that is easy to do here on the west coast of Canada, I also did it when I lived in Sault Ste. Marie. It could get pretty darn cold there but we just kept a path shovelled to the grill on the deck.


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Grilled 8 dozen wings today in the garage while listening to the Browns beat up the Bengals. The wings are for a party next weekend. I am now making a duck breast with herbs and a balsamic sauce. My wife is cooking risotto with squash. Life is good.

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Wheely boy If you ever get snowed in and you have a taste for wings.....I use a throw away aluminum foil pan and two jars of (hot) Ortaga taco sauce per 3 LB's of wings. wash the wings dump them in the pan and add the sauce put in the oven at 375 for 45 minutes and you have fall off the bone...bone sucking spicy wings, and you can set in front of the TV while they are cooking!

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I'll have to try that when the weather is bad. When the weather is good, I'm generally found outside. When is comes to sports, hearing it on the radio is just as good. I'll have to try the taco sauce. So far my favorite flavor is Jamaican Jerk.

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