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sswoyerJanuary 22, 2002

I have been looking at this grill at Sam's Club. I am impressed by the features and construction for such a low price. I have been trying to find the Member's Mark website. Can anyone help?

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There is no web site just for the Members Mark grills from Sam's Club. However, these grills are made by Grand Hall, who also makes the Kenmore Elite line of gas grills for Sears as well as marketing their own brand under the name "Grand Cafe". You can check out the Grand Hall web site at the following, but they don't have that much information posted.

There are also a couple other threads in this forum on these Members Mark grills that you may want to take a look at for more information. The first link I listed has lots of general information about these grills and I think it has over 100 posts in it. So plan on taking some time to read it all. The second link is about converting LP grills to NG if you're interested.

We have had this grill coming up on a year now and still think it's a great grill. We use it about 3-4 time a week, even in the winter.

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Has anyone experienced thier Member's Mark Model Y0101XC grill leaking Gas or exploding? Please advise and send information to "". Thank you

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Mike, have you had an experience with a MM grill leak or explosion? Or are you a lawyer trolling for clients so you can sue Wal-Mart?

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No I purchased my MM on Mar 5th 02, cooked about 14-15 times and on May 9th I had a huge explosion. Broke 11 windows in my bedroom, burned the patio and bedroom severly. I have many pictures of the event. Still trying to get somebody to come and test the grill for the leak. The tank or regulator does not leak. I just wanted to see if anybody else had a problem. Please be safe and test your grill for leaks!!!

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Need some help. I received the MM Y0101XC FOR Father's Day and really love it. However, all of the paperwork that came with it is now missing. I can only assume our cleaning lady threw it out on her bi-weekly visit.

These papers included the assembly instructions, some recipes and operating instructions along with some information on ordering cookbooks and accessories.

Does anyone know who I should contact to get replacements?


Bill case ""

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Did it leak and explode while in use, or while it was not in use?

I ask because my Virco instructions say to shut off the propane at the tank when the grill is not in use. I've been doing that religiously.

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I haven't either!

Do you all shut off the tank when not in use?

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I was cooking steaks for my family's last night in Hawaii, just removed the baked potatoes. Reached down and shut the gas off at the tank, drippings still burning a little, removed the steaks and took two steps to the left and the explosion occurred. I put the steaks down, grabbed the fire extinguisher by my gate and went to fighting the fire. I then got through the flames and grabbed the water hose and ran into the bedroom and put the fire out. Very intense and hot fire ball, lasting about 30 seconds. If I was standing in front of the grill 2-3 seconds earlier I would not be writing this today. Just make sure you get some soapy water and check all the fittings for leaks, I don't want anyone to get hurt or have to go through this.

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Your one lucky guy. Glad to still have you here with us all!

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FYI FWIW: Another thing you can do is build a manometer
for a dollar or two which can not only be used to measure
has pressure, but also help detect leaks. See mine at:

Hook into the side burner and insure you have a good seal.
Turn ON the gas (LP or NG) ... and let it stabilize at the
higher reading. Then turn the gas OFF ... it should NOT go
down ... and if it does, you have a leak somewhere.

This doesn't test ALL places (for instance, stuff downstream
of the valves), but is a good complement to the soap test.


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I think this kind of thing could happen to anyone using any brand gas grill, so it's a good warning to check all connections carefully before grilling. I confess I only checked the tank to regulator and regulator hose for leaks prior to my first usage of the Virco. The manual did say to also check the gas control valves, but I couldn't figure out how to get to them. I guess I could see them from underneath if I lay on my back, so that's what I'll do next time.

I also recall that propane is heavier than air, unlike natural gas, which is lighter than air. So the propane can settle in low places and collect and then explode. Also, as I have recently noticed, a new steel propane container may react with the odorant in the propane charge, and the result is that it can be harder to detect leaks. Lots of people are probably buying new propane tanks with OPD valves rather than retrofit their old ones, so perhaps some extra caution is needed for the first tankful or so.

All this makes me wonder if perhaps I may be installing the natural gas conversion kit sooner than I expected...;-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Propane safety

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Just got my MM Gas Grill yesterday at Sam's.

Hooked up my LP Tank and turned on the valves to see if it was working properly and smelled slight odor of propane. Also it was very quiet where I was and I could also hear the leak, (very slight) but nonetheless I could hear it.

Turned off the gas supply and checked further for leak source.

Turned out it was a loose connection from the regulator hose to the upper fitting that supplies the fuel to the burners. One would think that if the factory connected this hose that it would be tightened properly. Mine wasn't so maybe you should all check that too, before lighting up for the first time.

Hope this helps prevent an unwanted dangerous situation for you.

Jimmy (Phx_AZ)

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I looked at the MM grill at Sams. It had very thin, cheap construction compared to other stainless grills.

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We have purchased Members Mark Grill Model M3207ALP, which has the infra red burner for grilling "Professional Style" Steaks! No instruction came as how to use in infra red burner! Nothing on the web site! Can any one help us out??

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I'm a newbie here, but I have been reading posts ever since buying my Member's Mark grill island. In reference to Member's Mark grills being made by Grand Hall, I have found that is not true for ALL models. The one I purchased was imported by Victory Land Group, and distributed by a subdisiary called Omaha Grills. (all this I discovered after the fact) I contacted them about the availability of replacement parts and they stated that as long as Sam's sells it they could get them for me. 5 years down the road, who knows?? All I can say about that is "buyer beware" ( I should have)

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I had a problem with my Brinkman gas grill. It stopped heating to high temps and I could smell gas when the grill was turned off and the tank valve not shut off. I replaced the hose with a new one from Lowes and it now heats up just fine. I would try a replacement hose before I chopped up your new grill but I was ready to do that to mine. The replacement hose was a last ditch shot and it worked.

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Oops! Sorry, I meant that last post to answer a post in a different thread.

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