Which Miele DW to get?

bustergordonJanuary 2, 2013

Hi there! I am looking to get a Miele dishwasher, and I'm a little confused as to which model to get. Here's the scoop: I currently have a couple year old Miele Optima that I love. My husband and I have a small vacation condo in which we have a 10 year old Whirlpool DW, which does the job but is HORRIBLY loud. Our condo is basically one open loft, so there's no hiding from the terrible sound of the dishwasher. We'd like to replace the dishwasher, and, as our Optima is brilliantly quiet, we were thinking we'd just get another one.

Of course, since we got our Optima, it appears that the Miele model lineup has changed. One of the reasons we chose the Optima over other models for our house was that it had the on-board water softener, which was critical due to having extremely hard water. At our condo, not so much - we actually have extremely soft water. I like the cutlery tray, rather than the basket, but I wouldn't say that's a must have. What's probably most important, given the layout of our place, is that we have a very quiet dishwasher. I'm not sure what the difference is between the different Miele Q rankings. Back when I bought the Optima, they just told you the decibel ratings!

Any guidance/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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The equivalent of the Optima is the Dimension.

From most expensive and most quiet to least expensive and least quiet

2)Dimension Plus(these have a Q4 sound rating)

The cutlery tray is optional on the Crystal and Classic and standard on the other three.

The Classic does not have a built-in water softer but is standard on the other four.

You could go the cheap rout and get the Classic without cutlery tray or pay an exra $100 for the tray. But it would be relativly loud.

Or you could buy the Crystal or higher for quieter machine but the water softer premium will be for not. As you go up the price latter you also get extra programs,different racks, different dispalys and little features like delay start.

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Thanks. I was wondering how much louder the Classic would be than the Dimension...sounds like I probably ought to step up to the plate and get the more expensive machine for the quiet!

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I dont know if deeageaux's response really provides useful information regarding the sound levels of the various models. A simple google search turned up this old thread: http://ths.gardenweb.com/forums/load/appl/msg03005426973.html
Its a bit old but gives a general idea of sound levels. If anything I would think Miele has made their machines even more quiet in the past 2 years.

All in all I think you'll find that all the Miele DWs are quiet. Dimension may be 10x quieter than the Classic, but when both are pretty quiet I think you'd be hard pressed to notice a huge difference.

I think the fact that Miele has developed their own system of rating the sound levels of various machines is a good sign that the differences are probably not that big. Why say one machine is 10 decibels quieter when you can use Q1 v. Q2 which sounds a lot more impressive.

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More broadly, virtually all dishwashers made now are a lot quieter than any dishwashers made ~10 years ago.

The Miele (any model) would be a great improvement over your old WP -- but so would KA or most anything else.

There may be dimensional differences between Miele (i.e., European) and WP / KA (i.e., American) brands that you'll want to consider in replacing the old WP in your condo.

I suspect that Miele's "Q" levels serve to mask the relatively small differences, if any, in sound levels of Miele models versus other brands. IIRC, Asko was overall the quietest DW, a few years ago.

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I was doing yet another search on dishwashers and wanted to know the same thing as far as the Q levels, and I came across a GW thread which provided actual decibel ratings for each Q level. It's from 2007 so obviously some of the names have changed, but I'd assume the Q ratings and their equivalent decibel ratings would be the same:

Q5 42DB - LaPerla
Q4 44DB - Excella
Q3 46DB - Optima
Q2 48DB - Diamante
Q1 50DB - Inspira/Advanta

Hope this helps!

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Yes, but a problem in interpreting these "Q" levels is that, like grading on a curve, they are relative. When sound improvements are made, Miele doesn't have to hold these rankings to the same dB levels they used in previous years. They might be the same now as in 2007, or not.

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Debating relative sound ratings is a discussion without end.

It also depends on the installation,the floor and the general acoustics of the kitchen.

Then there is sound quality. What each individual person perceives as noise or anoying noise.

The highest end Bosch is quieter than the Miele Q5 I believe. I don't think Asko was ever the quitest but many people claimed it's noise was the most pleasant.

No doubt all Miele dishwashers are quiet relative to the past and most competition.

No doubt there will be some in certain kitchens that will find the Classic unacceptably loud.

Some people are just more sensative and get more anoyed by noise pollution.

I have been in kitchens with really old fridges that sounded like an old industrial sweat shop. Owners felt that was just normal.

BTW Asko is moving or may have already moved production of its dishwasher from Sweeden to Slovenia.

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Before I got my Miele Diamante Plus a couple years ago, I went to the Miele showroom in Boca Raton FL, since they have all of them on display and a few of them are "live" and hooked-up. I could hear some difference between the Inspira (Q1) and the La Perla II (Q5). I went with the Diamante Plus (Q2) and have been pleased with it's cleaning results and quietness. The Optima (Q3) was a couple hundred more than the Diamante Plus, but for the difference in the features it wasn't worth it to us.

I've seen the newer models, and like the Dimension and Dimension Plus models for the price/features. The Diamond it nice with the LEDs, but costs a premium.

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I have the Miele Inspira (Q1) which I think is now called Classic. On a few occasions I have opened the dishwasher not realizing it was running. Other household visiors have done the same. Either the ambient noise in the house is unusually loud or the dishwasher is unusually quiet. I run the diswasher even if I have company over, and it doesn't disturb our conversation.

Unless you are super sensitive to noise, it's hard to imagine that you would not be comfortable with any of the Miele dishwashers.

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Thank you for posting this. I, too, am confused as to which Miele to get. Is the main difference just in sound, then? I run the dishwasher at night when I go up to bed. Sound isn't an issue. I actually like the swishy sound of the dishwasher. I just want something that cleans really really well.

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Kitten1313- All the Miele DWs wash well. The models differ in certain features like extra wash cycles, flexibility in the racks, and other specialized features. Such basic information like this can be found on the Miele website.

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FWIW, the current line-up of Miele dishwashers over here goes from

46 dB
44 dB
43 dB
41 dB

The quietest Bosch is 38 dB and Miele offers an ExtraSilent cycle that also takes things down to 38 dB - but it runs for four hours. The Miele in my video linked below is 45 dB.


Here is a link that might be useful: Miele Dishwasher Silence

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Thanks - that's very helpful. It looks like even the lowest end Miele is now quieter than my Optima. I did notice in a comparison on AJ Madison that the Classic is slightly shorter than the rest of them, which seems weird. Can anyone with a Classic (or who is familiar with the Classic) comment on whether it should fit in a standard dishwasher space? I had no problem with my Optima replacing a KA dishwasher.

Thanks again!

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Buster, check the download sheet for any dishwasher. A "standard" 24" wide DW space is a bit roomy for most Mieles. Mine is installed in such a space (mis-measure) and as a result not as quiet as it could/should be. This can be remedied by a building out the side of the cabinet and placing a thin strip in front. But also should be considered in the install cost if quiet is a premium.

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I just replaced my 2001 Bosch dishwasher with a Miele G4270 (Futura Classic). Same Kitchen, same placement, same cabinets, same flooring and yet my new Miele DW is considerably louder than the Bosch. The running of the DW can be heard several rooms over in fact. The DW was just installed today.

While I am a disappointed in the noise level, it is a beautiful appliance with wonderful loading capabilities.

Hope this helps.

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When my KA dishwasher was installed, the installers left out some insulation (below) so any leak could more easily be noticed on the floor. After it didn't leak, the install was completed and our new DW was suddenly much quieter. I'm wondering it this is the case for your new Miele, Refo53?

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The install is complete however I am not sure regarding the issue of insulation. Great point and I will need to check on that. Mainly what I am hearing is a (louder than Bosch) humming and the gurgle of water draining.

At any rate the dishes do come out sparkly clean and fresh so I am very happy about that! Smells great too!

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I can barely hear my Miele - I usually have to put my head next to it or look for the little red light to see if it is running.

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I have the Crystal model--I was amazed how quiet it is the first time I turned it on.

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With my Diamante Plus (Q2) it is quiet, and can't hear it if I'm more than 15 feet away in the living room. But if I'm standing next to it in the kitchen, I can hear some water swooshing and it draining. As with any dishwasher, the more full it is of items, the quieter it will sound. If you run it empty, you will hear more water sound.

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Don't think my previous post was clear. The specs I just saw for Diamond ask for it to be installed in an opening that measures 23-9/16 (slightly more over 23-1/2"). If installed in that size opening the dishwasher is more or less inaudible.

Because mine is installed in a standard 24" wide opening, (the KD who measured messed up a number of things) we can hear it, as described above. We hear it draining especially. That 1/2-inch makes a difference.

If it ever requires service and is pulled out, I'll call Miele to see what they suggest but seems to me a piece of plywood and a strip of space molding to finish it should be a good remedy. Likely there are others.

We had another Miele properly installed in another home and it could not be heard at all.

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We are in the final push for applainces as we are in the middle of the remodel of our kitchen. The next to last piece is a DW. We were all set with a make and model and then a store listed a demo Miele on an item that has been discontinued. Can anyone comment about the Miele Advanta GS2170SCVi? We were ready to go on a series 300 Bosch, but the store floor model Miele is not quite half the cost. They are dumping it, basically.

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I can't comment on how good that particular model is but I can tell you it is a model that was discontinued nearly 2 years ago.

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Miele sells trim strips to fill the gaps when installed in a 24" opening.

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Whit461...I'm not sure that anyone can ever go wrong buying any model Miele dishwasher! My husband and I recently bought the midline Futura Dimension off the floor at a significant savings. I am all for buying better appliances at discounted prices. I personally don't feel that they have to be the latest and greatest model.

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Whit461...I'm not sure that anyone can ever go wrong buying any model Miele dishwasher! My husband and I recently bought the midline Futura Dimension off the floor at a significant savings. I am all for buying better appliances at discounted prices. I personally don't feel that they have to be the latest and greatest model.

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I was wondering if anyone could comment on drying in the Classic vs. the Dimension? I've decided to get a Miele for the reliability and longevity, but I'm switching from a Kenmore with a heating element for drying. So I'm a bit worried about the plastics drying.

The salesman at the store said that the Dimension will do a much better job - it opens the door and runs a fan. But is it worth the $600 more? I don't need the extra cycles or the quiet. Although the 3D cutlery tray is pretty cool.

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I have a dimension but have never used a Classic, so i can't directly compare.

I can say that this Miele does a much better job compared to our old whilrpool with heated drying on it. Are the cycle times longer on the Miele, yes, but for me that doesn't matter.

Is it worth the extra $600, well only you can answer that, to me it was worth the cost for us to go with what we did and we do love the cutlery tray and I would never go back to a basket now.


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Lisa71, you can also read through this thread, it takes about heated drying vs. non-heated drying, might help you out:

OLD Thread Link for heated Vs Non-Heated DW Drying


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just to be sure, as far as i know, the Dimension doesn't open the door at run a fan.. That's a feature called "Drying Plus" and it's only on the Dimension Plus and the Diamond. Dimension Plus is similar to Dimension except that it has "drying plus", it runs a little quieter, and a little more $$. Diamond is the top of the line with every bells and whistles and it's the most expensive.

i have the dimension plus and drying works really well with the door open feature. however,I haven't heard anyone complaint about drying problem without this feature either.

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I was looking at the Dimension G 5605 SC model. It says it has the AutoOpen Drying Feature on the Miele website. I thought that meant that it opens the door at the end.

I haven't seen Dimension Plus mentioned anywhere, but the Diamond models are out of my price range.

I've been told that plastics won't dry like they do with heated drying. I don't know anyone with a Miele dishwasher so I don't know anyone with first hand experience.

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Lisa, mine plastics dry better now with my Miele than they ever did with my heated option in the past. That is using the rinse aid with the Miele and with the one in the past as well.

I think for me it does have something to do with how the Miele has things laid out that it is better than what I had before. Or at least it forces me to put things in better and therefore they dry better because of that. And they come out perfectly clean also.

I would think if the Miele web site says that it has AutoOpen Drying that you are right about what it does, but that is just a guess on my part.


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You are probably right.. I guess they updated the model a little this year, while keeping the same old names.. Last year they had "Dimension" (Q3, no auto open) and "Dimension Plus" (Q4, and autoopen). Looks like they just included those features automatically now.

(see the retired models on their webpage)

anyway.. I like the dimension.. its' really great.

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We just installed our Dimension Plus last month as part of out kitchen renovation and love it. We purchased it last summer so it is a discontinued model now. I wanted the Diamond but couldn't justify the increased cost for interior lighting (DH was not impressed). The Dimension Plus does automatically open after each cycle and is SO quiet we forget it is running. We highly recommend it, there is likely a replacement model.

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