Brinkmann grill replacement parts problem

kambisueJanuary 27, 2007

Just wanted to warn anyone thinking of buying a Brinkmann grill--if you ever need replacement parts, they deliver the worse possible customer service. We ordered several replacement parts for our Pro Series 2500 grill last May 2006, and are still waiting for 2 collector box assemblies with electrodes, 8 months later. They delivered the rest of our $60 order, but have never been able to supply these $6 parts. The old parts are unusable, so here we sit with a worthless grill--we missed one season of outdoor grilling completely. Customer service is horrible--they apologize, but say that the parts are coming from somewhere offshore. They should not be selling these grills if they cannot supply replacement parts.

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Kambisue is competely correct in his review of Brinkmann customer support. Once you manage to get through to their support 'team' you will find that they are less than helpful... I ordered replacement parts for my grill in October and I've been waiting for the parts ever since. I've called multiple times and have been told each time that the parts are a couple of weeks out. 'They should be there in two to three weeks.' If they weren't the only supplier for the specific part that I need, I would never deal with them. Unfortunately, my $400 grill is worth too much to me to simply throw it away because I am unable to get a $15 part (main burner support bar)...

Shy away from them...

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We had a part go out, called Brinkman's Customer Service and had the replacement part in the mail within 7 days. This was a covered part, not an ordered part so maybe they're handled differently.

We've not had any negative experiences with Customer Service. Maybe you should escalate the call to determine if Customer Service or the Parts Department is at fault. Customer Service may not have a direct line to the Parts Department and may be giving you stock answers.

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I just found this thread while on hold trying to reach Brinkmann. I first began this quest two weeks ago. I need new burners and a support bar for my Pro 2600. If I try to order online it says that the parts are unavailable and I should call customer service. The 800 number frequently gives a busy signal and when you do get answered you enter the hold pattern. The last time I tried I left the phone on speaker for a half hour before hanging up. I'm currently approaching 20 mins this time. I've not yet talked to a person. I've tried emailing them but get no answer either. I concur with the previous posters - dont buy one of their grills.

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Same here. My burners rustedÂin just over a yearÂto the point of being useless. Also need a new support bar. I did manage to get through to Brinkmann customer service and was told that the parts are backordered. Of course, they want you to place an order online and pay for the parts in advance without any indication as to when you will actually receive the parts. Since they don't make this model anymore I'm not holding out a lot of hope for getting them soon.

Should have gotten the Ducane. . .

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I have tried a number of times ordering replacement burners and grates. They are always on backorder. For this reason I will never buy another Brinkman grill.

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If you buy a Brinkmann it is a throw away grill if you need replacement parts. I've ordered online over a month ago with no parts yet, but they charged my debit card the same day as ordered. Several calls to both the local and 800 numbers with no reponse. Also tried emails with the same result.

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Unable to obtain replacewment parts from Brinkman. Their customer service is very bad. I will never buy another Brinkman product!

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I bought a Brinkman a few years ago and absolutly hated it. It heated unevenly, flared up all the time, and I had to replace the hose after the first year. The burners are rusted and I live in az. I just went shopping for a new grill and was looking at a Charmglow. When I found out they were made by the same company I decided to get something else.

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I ordered a regulator for my 2400 on Monday and I received it today. Must depend on the part.

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Looks like we are all on the same slow boat from China.
After ONE year my burners are falling apart and are useless.
Burners are on BACKORDER according to the Brinkman site.
It is summer. Grill is useless.

I have the 'Charmglow' version. Several hundred bucks for this crap.

I'll NEVER buy another one of their products.

This company should be renamed to "Stinkman".

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Same issue, grill and burner parts rusted out in less than a year, called and never did get through, have emailed someone named Jeff several times, he even gave me a direct line - never answered it... parts are on back order and I'm glad I found this discussion before putting in my order! Looks like I'll try to rig up a new grill for this summer and hope my burners hold out.

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The Kenmore Elite has the same 12-7/8' burners as the Brinkmann Pro series. You can order them from Amazon. Part number 29351.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amazon order link

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kd445566: Thank you for that info. Ordering now...

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Here is a site I found using Google search for "Grill Burner 29351"

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Have the same story as some of you folks regarding warranty replacement of parts and contact issues. I have taken the first step in contacting the BBB about their issues. I will repost if there is any further actions to be taken. I may need to have some of you contacted for class action purposes.


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I loved my ProSeries 2720 the first year. That's all I can say that's been positive. Been a downhill battle of trying to get parts ever since!

I have also been waiting months for a part (Main Burner Support) and while it stated it was on backorder, it had a date that it would be available.

So I give a credit card, it's charged immediately, and for MONTHS I keep getting new updated dates of when they'll have this instrumental part. As soon as the date gets close, they add another 4-5 weeks to the "anticipated" date.

Don't waste your time trying to call them either... They must have one person, part time who hates their job answering phones, so they DON'T. Every time I've tried getting through to them on the phone, I've listened to the "on hold" music for 40 -45 minutes (real time... timer on my office phone) with no one ever picking up.

If you email "customer service" (I use the term loosely in their case) they respond with rude and abrupt answers.

STEER CLEAR OF BUYING BRINKMANN. The are really one of the worse companies (grills or otherwise) that I've ever bought from. I won't make the mistake of buying anything from them ever again!

PS> At the time of this writing, I've been waiting 8 months for an important part for my grill, while they've had my money the entire time.

REALLY! Steer clear from this company who doesn't care at all about the end-user (you and me) who actually use their grills, but only how many they sell to the Big Box stores, like Wal-Mart, Lowes, Menards, etc....

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Wow... I'm on hold right now. Not sure how long but the battery went low on one of my extensions already - had to switch extensions.

Ordered a replacement cooking grill and igniter unit on 8/07/08. They shipped pretty quick but I got the wrong item. Received two burners instead of two cooking grills. Called them , held forever , but they did agree to send me the correct parts @ no charge and told me to keep the burners rather than send them back. Sounds good right?

Grills did come within a few days, but they were broken. Not quite ready to pile on Brinkmann yet because they have tried to service me - just pretty incompetent so far. If my batteries don't run out on my other extensions and I talk to someone, I'll repost with results.

Wish me luck!

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I ran into the same problem as everyone on this site. Trying to identify the actual part number is impossible from the owners manual and on Brinkmann's web site. I checked at Lowe's and Home Depot without any luck on anything. I found one web site that has the parts and via their support can get you the right part number. After a week of trying to track down the parts, it ended up being really easy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Applicance Factory Parts web site

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Really folks, it is a throwaway. I have 4 rusted burners and the rusted support bar, now the "porcelain" shields have rusted through a little (how does porcelain rust, BTW??)

4 burners alone are $60 I only paid $250 for the grill (Brinkmann Pro2500) Too bad so many internals rust out the basic shell is in good condition, but they don't make it cost effective to repair it.

Oh and the burners have a "10 year warranty", but later, "...rusting is not warranted..."


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No problems here. I ordered two grills and a grease catcher for my Pro 2500 on 6/17/09 and got them on 6/23/09.

Here is a link that might be useful: Brinkmann Parts

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Same story here. I purchased a VERY EXPENSIVE Charmglow Chef's Island version from Home Depot. In less than a year, about a half dozen parts had rusted out. I ordered the replacement parts, which took forever to arrive. Here I am 1 year later, and all of those parts are in need of replacement AGAIN! Fortunately, my husband has skills and has now made several of the parts that had rusted out with stainless steel replacements. However, some of the parts he can not make, and I am having a difficult time finding replacements. The parts that have needed replacement in two years of use are the cooking grids (twice), the heat idicator (thermostat), the collector boxes (twice), all of the heat tents (twice), all of the burners (twice), and some heat plates (separating the burners from the searers), and the ignitor switch. I might as well have just trashed the entire grill, but after spending over $1,000 that was not an option. Never again Brinkmann

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I was going to replace a burner on my Brinkman, but I don't see how I can possibly get that pin out that holds the burner on. Can't reach that far back into that area.
Anybody know how to do that?

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I've bought the 6-burner Brinkmann gas grill. Can not attach a coaster to one of the side panels due to a manufacturing defect. Ordered the faulty part on March 22. Was told that it is on "backorder" and that Brinkmann should ship it in 2-3 weeks (parts are manufactured in China). Called in 3 weeks, only to hear again "in 2-3 weeks". Here I am, 6 weeks later, and there is no sign that it will be shipped any time soon.

They did offer me to return the grill to the store, but that is no help really. The grill is very heavy. To unpack it, I had to cut the box, and there is no way I can put it back on my own.

I wish I checked references before... Not the kind of experience I would like anyone to have. Buyers beware!

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In reference to 'Woods' in order to take the burners off the bar via the pin you have to completely remove the bar and six burners. It is a ridiculous piece of engineering. I also concur with the vast majority on this site. I have had to replace almost every internal piece of my model 4675 Pro Series Brinkmann. This is a travesty that I think the company would want to address. Dollar for dollar the worst grill I've ever owned. I think I will go back to charcoal....

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Wow, I found this thread while trying find replacement parts for a Brinkmann I inherited. I can locate all parts but the electrodes. It appears the particular one for the Pro Series 2600 is out of production, making this grill fit only for the dump. How very sad. I called customer service and was put in an automated return call queuing line. But the time lapse is so long that I miss their return call. There's such a thing as having to go to work. Emailing them with my search produced only, "call customer service with help in placing your order." Brinkmann is a huge disappointment.

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Bought smoker yesterday at Home Depot. Called Cust Service with question. Left my number for return call at 9 a.m. No return call by 2p.m. You cannot talk to anyone at Brinkmann. After reading these posts I can see why. They are a total low life operation.

Taking smoker back for refund today.

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I received all my parts in fairly prompt order only to find that I need the front interior panel on the inside of my Pro Series 4425i. They don't seem to make those so I have a number of parts that I have to sell for the 4425i including a main burner support bar. It is too far past the purchase date to return. Maybe I can sell them on Craigslist.

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