Vintage Obscure Glass Window Pane

emilypateMay 29, 2012

This is a textured glass pane out of a 24 pane, 10 foot tall church window. The church was built in the late 1800's in the small town of Greenfield, TN. I have searched the internet to try to find what the style is called but I have not been successful. The edges of the glass are not straight and some edges are very jagged (as the one I have included in the pictures). Appears they were hand cut. There are small bubbles randomly throughout the glass as if it were hand blown. One side of the glass is smooth with slight waves and the other is bumpy. I appreciate any help as to figuring out the uniqueness and value of this type of glass. Thank You, Emily Pate

Here is a link that might be useful:

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That is bumpy textured glass meant to obscure the view through it much like glass for bathromm windows. The bumps, or pits, have a definite pattern.

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Not very unique. It's machine-made industrial glass used to keep people from looking out or in while letting a lot of light through.

Those panes, or patterned colored panes were often used as placeholders for planned stained glass windows. The congregation would periodically hold fundraisers and buy a pane of leaded glass, or if they got lucky someone would donate a window.

And the smaller churches usually didn't get many stained glass windows.

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Window glass was cut by hand, There are and were lots of patterns of obscure glass.
It's not hand blown, it's rolled.
As to value, ask at a local architechtural salvage yard.

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Thanks for your responses. I was going to experiment with coloring the glass, but I wanted to make sure beforehand that they weren't of too much value that coloring them would lessen their value. I guess I can go ahead and make them pretty now :)

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