Material List for Basement

tsandNovember 13, 2007


Let me know if I am missing any material (or my cost estimates are way off) for my 1500 sf basement remodel

Platon floor Polystyrene to control moisture


Foamular 2x8 sheets plus adhesive


5/8 T&G OSB for floor plus tapcon screws and Tape


Framing for 1 bath, two bedrooms, wet bar, remaining open perimeter


Plumbing supplies (not fixtures) for 1 bath and 1 wet bar


Electrical supplies for pot lights, outlets decora switches, GfI


Drywall walls and ceiling round edges tape and texture as whole house(BIDOUT for ? $2500)

Tile floor and shower in bathroom and wet bar (BID OUT for ? $2200

Bath fixtures


Bar Fixtures (small frig, small dishwasher, sink, wine cooler


Kahrs Locking flooring in one office/bedroom


Carpet in remaining space (bid out $3000)

Paint $200

Lighting fixtures


$18600 total

I understand that prices can vary, for example granite on the wet-bar counter could cost $75/sf. I am just rough estimating so I can budget accordingly. So please use reasonable estimates as you correct my estimates.


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Your tile shower will cost more than that.

Include a 20% price contingency for unknowns.

I don't see an allowance for heat.

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doors, trim molding, egress windows (?), ductwork + HVAC tie in, drywall seems low

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You might consider DriCore for your basement floor. It is terrific stuff. Keeps the floor warm, doesn't feel like concrete slab, protects against moisture, and does not consume height. Easy for DIY install. I got mine at HD.
I agree with brewbeer, that your tile work will likely cost more. Get good references on tile installer. Nothing worse to correct than a faulty tile job.

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Platon + T&G OSB is pretty much the same thing as DriCore.

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You need to begin by listing all the plumbing fixtures presently connected to you DWV(Drain,waste & vent) system and compute the DFU (drainage fixture unit) load to determine if your house sewer is capable of assuming the increased load. If not, you would need to increase the size of the house main drain and house sewer line.

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The DriCore is rediculously expensive and I still wonder if it would need replacement if flooded. I would think there are cheaper options.

Also, were provisions made for and egress? Zoning permits? I'd imagine if they ever re-access in your area they would look for stuff like that. Better safe than sorry.

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