Fire pit vs barbecue

tropical_thoughtJanuary 31, 2010

The difference between a fire pit and a barbecue is the lid or cover. I saw a nice fire pit at osh, expect it has cut out moons and stars. That's cute, but would that be good? Does that let the fire breathe?

I know nothing about barbecues. I got a tiny Weber once for like 20 dollars, it took like 6 hours to cook a chicken. It was a total waste of money. So, I want to go for a bigger model, but do you really need a lid if you are not smoking the meat? Could you just throw a lid on to a fire pit provided you found a lid and it fit?

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I like a firepit, tried grills, charcoal and gas and didn't care for either. I use a tripod or an oven rack, have a ton of cast iron cookware, also mountain pie irons and of course hot dog forks. It might take a little more time, you have to start the fire earlier to let it burn down to nice red coals but it's easy to slide food to sides for less heat and the center for more heat. Never used a lid. When I cook a whole duck or chicken I butterfly the bird then it cooks faster than whole.

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I ended up with a portable grill so I could move it more easily for basement storage.

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