cukoo clock technician

flowergirl70ksMay 28, 2014

Looking for someone to fix my cukoo clock

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Look in your local yellow pages for clock repair

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A good p;ace to start is your local trade school. See if it has a clock repair course, and if it does, contact the instructor for recommendations. That question, however, my put him/her on the spot since a number of these instructors main business is clock repair and service. They teach repair as a side job and for some, it is done for the love of the skill and the desire to keep the trade going. Clock repair of mechanical clocks has nearly dissappeared and those who really know how are the ones who are trying to keep the trade alive.

Most watches and clocks today are electronic and most are not repaired, but replaced with another one when failed.

There are a few good clock mechanics around and they mostly work on antique clocks. Those fellows are further subdivided with the high end ones qualifying as clock conservators. The conservators strive to maintain the antique value of the piece and most people can not afford them.

So, back to a local repair instructor - He likely is aquainted with the local repairmen and knows the quality of their work. He may have taught some of them. If you can get him to talk, you will get the best information.

Why not make your cukoo clock a project and take a repair course. I just came out of a class where 3 cukoo clocks were being worked on.

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