Dehumidifier in basement with fish tank open water?

xxnonamexxNovember 24, 2012

I have a finished basement and a door that leads to laundry room furnace. I also have a 120gal sw fish tank in the wall between the 2 rooms. I have a dehumidifier that works but I was wondering off there are any other options like maybe an exhaust fan? Will that work?

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With exhaust fan, all the air that the fan pushes out must be replaced with air coming in from somewhere. Laundry room furnace- Gas? Oil? Either must have air for combustion which must come from outside, either directly or indirectly. The proposed exhaust fan would possibly compete with the furnace for the supply of available incoming air. Or the fan would pull air/exhaust fumes down the chimney/vent pipe- with potentially deadly consequences.
The dehumidifier looks like the best choice.

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Cover the tank.

It will also reduce the work to keep the water 'correct.'

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