Can you help me identify this gaming board?

lodgedinmybrainMay 27, 2013

I was given this gaming board and was considering selling it to someone who had inquired. But when I tried to research it absolutely nothing came up. This picture shown is of it's only label. Which is written in an older french dialect if I am not mistaken. One side is a chess board and the other (inside) looks like a type of back gammon. I'm more than happy to provide more pictures if you would like and would deeply appreciate any and all help in solving my mystery. I've never come up so dry in an antique search berfore and I am boggled. Thankyou so for your time.

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Here is a pic of the inside board and hinges. (My apologies in advance for the poor quality.)

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A photo of the entire piece would be helpful.

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whoops! That's a good call. Thankyou for pointing that out. I'm a dweeb sometimes and would have probably been wondering why no one responded. I think it's obvious, but this is it folded in half, closed. I'll post one of it unfolded (both sides) later tonight or tomorrow.

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It's a standard chess/backgammon portable board.

The key to the age would be the shop or maker:
"Maison Nautre" on the Boulevard de Strasbourg in Paris ... check old city directories from Paris until you find it.

Nautre is a valid last name, rare but I got a few hits. If you are brave, e-mail them and ask if their family used to have a shop at that address.

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