Electrolux Icon Fridge... Ice On FLOOR- help!

2LittleFishiesJanuary 20, 2013

We got our new Elux French Door Fridge E23BC68JPS5 in November and love it! We opted for NO ice on the door, so it is in the freezer compartment.

Our problem is that the ice gets full and almost every time we open the freezer, the metal arm for the ice maker knocks 3-10 cubes into the back of the freezer. Some of them Then slide from to the front & fall out the front onto the floor. Some stay in the bottom of freezer and I have to fish them out.

It's really annoying and you have to open the freezer really carefully to avoid this and move the ice forward so it doesn't happen.

Am I doing something wrong? The ice maker doesn't over make the ice it's just that once it's full the arms knocks it out of the ice bucket.

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Sophie Wheeler

I think you have the bin in backwards.

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At first I thought the same thing as that would solve it but then the draw won't close b/c it hits the ice maker.

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I've got the exact same fridge and the exact same problem. Although it doesn't happen to me quite as frequently (I'd say every half dozen or so times I open the freezer), when the ice cubes drop to the rear bottom, it is definitely not fun trying to fish them out!

Unfortunately, I don't have a solution...but I'm wondering if maybe the ice scoop gets in the way? Hmm, maybe I will try removing it and seeing if that helps.

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We keep our scoop to the front usually. The only thing that helps is if we turn off the ice maker by lifting arm and then turn it back on when ice goes down. Then at least we don't have to be careful every time we open it!

Really annoying. I can't believe I haven't seen others complain about this?

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I emailed Electrolux just to make them aware. Or thought they might have a fix or new bin. Here's the email. Pretty much what I was doing... lol

Thanks for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances.

We do regret that you are unhappy with the performance of your ice maker. We certainly understand how frustrating it can be to have to clean up an ice spill each time you open your freezer. The only resolution to your concern is to increase ice usage. If the ice is not being used frequently the bucket will fill up to the top which will allow the arm to knock the ice out of the of the bucket when the door is being open. You may also choose to turn the ice maker on and off once it has reached a certain production level. This will make the ice maker not fill the bucket up completely. After you have used a certain amount, you can then turn the ice maker back on so that it starts making ice again. We do again apologize for your inconvenience. We hope our suggestions are helpful to you.

Thanks for contacting Electrolux Major Appliances.

Ms. Jones
Electrolux Correspondence Specialist

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In other words, you're stuck with it.

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We have a Fridgidaire..Made by Electrolux. Same issue same ice maker. The answer given was polite but correct. The user must remember to turn the maker off and on.

It is what it is....but Ms. Electrolux is right.

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Thanks for writing to ask them about it, 2LittleFishies. Too bad their answer wasn't very satisfying. Obviously it's a design flaw. Like weedmeister said, we'll just have to put up with it. :-(

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I have the same fridge (non icon model). I had known about this issue as the repair facility had told me this would happen.

For me it has happened twice or so... my solution is i keep an eye on the ice and if it fills up it would stop making it so i re-arrange the cubes inside the compartment... knock on wood has not happened yet again. Also it helps if you are not "he-man"ing the door while opening it.

The other option would be to turn the ice maker off temporarily but its not an elegant solution.

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Actually looking for advice... want to buy an Electrolux CD refrig, have heard terrible things about water/ice maker and was planning on just not hooking up ice maker (live in San Francisco and never need ice!)

Is this the only problem you've had with the Electrolux?


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Yes! I believe any issues I've ever heard about were the Electrolux models with the ice on the door. Also, ours is the Icon. Not sure if that was a problem in the past but either way we didn't get the ice on the door. Ours is in the freezer.

No issues here so far! We love it : )

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