Help!! Basement Leak

bsmtleakNovember 7, 2007

Thanks for viewing. I am having a leak from the basement walls where the pipes penetrate to the exterior. The leak is around the mid-point of a 9 foot wall.

I hired a Basement Co. to excavate and repair from the outside. Few months later, starts to leak again.

What can be done to stop the leaking? I think the Basement Co. messed up and did not to a proper job. Will re-excavating from the exterior fix the problem?


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Squirt some expanding foam into any crevasses around the pipes perhaps.

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I think the Basement Co. messed up and did not to a proper job.

You think? :-)

Expanding foam is water resistant. I've used it for large holes with no standing water. But for crevices--not crevasses--I'd try a high-quality silicone. Hydraulic cement is another possibility.

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Do not patch a tire on the outside. Dig it up and have it re-done properly. Stop the water on the pressure side.

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I have the same problem - geothermal pipes. I guess it's from the spring thaw?

I currently have a towel wrapped around the pipes and hanging into a 5 gallon bucket. I will be trying to patch from the inside once it dries up.

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This happened to me! I would first call the company and have them fix it right. If not, it's an easy fix. dig down to the pipe clean wall and pipe very good with wire brush.let the area dry for a few hours and apply foundation tar. stick one layer of an heavy duty trash bag to tar also wrap tight around pipe and re apply tar. let dry for a couple more hours and back fill. I never had another problem.

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