Matching Ovens and Fridge

ChefDuJourJanuary 17, 2012

As mentioned in a previous post, we are trying to finalize our planning for a full gut remodel of our kitchen. The only thing we know for sure is that I want a 48" CC rangetop with charbroiler and a powerful hood to vent it.

Our cabinets will be slab doors, however, we're not sure which manufacturer yet.

We don't bake much but want the capacity of a 30" double oven for entertaining, etc. As such, we don't need the top end Wolf, BlueStar, etc. However, we would still like the convection capabilities.

As for the refrigerator, we are looking into a 36" side by side standard depth (to maximize space) with ice & water in the door.

Does anyone have a suggestion for which appliances would have matching 304 stainless steel finish since the oven and fridge will be next to each other? Cost is a concern with these two items.

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I went through this a while ago... i had settled on the KA wall ovens and fridge but then reading about the failures of hte wall ovens i changed it to ELUX wall ovens and fridge (my fridge has no water / ice dispenser and is french door).

I read that elux with despensers are prone to failures and also the water is not chilled but at room temperature.

There is also bosch fridge oven combo but on the pricey side and their fridge i think is made by Daewoo.

So everytime you find a manufacturer that has fridge and oven combo you will find one device maybe flawed.

For me i got extra warranty on both fridge and oven so i will see what happens.

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Thanks jmith.

Actually, they don't have to be from the same manufacturer as long as the finish matches (304 SS) and the handles are complimentary.

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@ChefDuJour: Thats where the problem is... not all SS is same colour wise even though it maybe the same grade... I would suggest you go to some stores and see the fridges and ovens and go from there.

Handles is another one... do a search for a thread where people have posted pictures of different manufacturers and different handles for fridge and oven and they are installed next to each other.

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I guess it is not in the budget or your plan, but if you paneled the fridge, then you can put handles on it to match your other appliances, plus No worries about "Matching Stainless" or all the "Fun" of keeping a stainless fridge clean and "pawproof".

That's what we did. We have a paneled JA 48 inch fridge, paneled and we bought the Electrolux Fridge handles to mount on the Jenn-air Fridge, since we have the Elux Oven, Speed Oven and Wine Fridge. Even the Miele Optima Dishwasher (semi paneled) has the same shape handle as the Elux Icon Designer series appliances, albeit the handle is smaller.

Good luck with your choices and design!


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I recently joined this forum after having lurking and learning alot from everyone's vast experiences. I'll make my first topic post a simple one:

We'd like to install 15" wine fridge in new kitchen construction and appliance dealer has quoted us a subzero model for $1599 after a previous customer changed their mind on the unit . He's motivated to move the unit off his floor. This seems like a good deal but wanted to hear other's thoughts on SZ wine fridges. Another brand available to us is Marvel.

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Mardo--you'll get better responses if you start your own thread instead of piggybacking on to an unrelated thread. Welcome!

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