Microwave with features similar to Whirlpool Speedcook

jbaylissJanuary 7, 2012

I'm looking for a microwave with a convection/microwave cooking mode similar to the speedcook mode on my Whirlpool Gold convection/microwave. I just bought a Kenmore Elite 30 in. Microhood Combination (8601) and tried to cook some chicken nuggets for the kids. With the old Whirlpool, it took 5 minutes to cook on the crisper tray on speedcook. Nuggets came out crispy. I cooked nuggets today in the Kenmore and they came out limp. I've read the entire manual but there isn't any instruction on cooking nuggets. On the Whirlpool, it was right on the door - Speedcook, 55.

The Whirlpool died yesterday after 9 years of use. The convection mode still works but the microwave part doesn't so I think the magnetron gave out. It was a microwave/oven combo so I'm replacing the whole unit with a DCS WOT-230.

I still need a microwave though that works! I don't care so much about using the convection part alone since I'll have double convection ovens. I need it more for heating things up like nuggets, pizza, salmon etc and still be able to brown. I would cook salmon in the Whirlpool on speedcook mode and it comes out perfectly every time crispy on bottom and on top, better than on a broiler pan. Please help!

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I looked up the manual for the Whirlpool. It has a broiler element and does convection as well. So maybe I need to find a microwave that can broil?

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Too bad you just bought the Kenmore microhood. Is it too late to return it? A good replacement would have been the GE Profile Advantium OTR (Over The Range). I have one and it's a great appliance.

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I was able to return the Kenmore. Talked to an installer today and have decided to install the microwave over the double ovens, so we won't be needing a microhood. I'm looking at this now: http://www.jennair.com/flash.cmd?/#/product/JMC2430WS

I'm looking at the Advantium as well as this Jenn Air. The cooking pan looks just like mine!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jenn Air Speed Cook

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Jbayliss - Did you end up going with the Jenn-Air or Advantium? Was it the 240v or 120v Advantium?

We had our heart set on the 240v but it is not able to be installed under a countertop so looking for a solid alternative that can be our 2nd oven as well as microwave.

The 120v has the same interior size so is probably the route we will go but EVERYONE we've talked to says the 240v is the one you want. Bummer about the undercounter installation issues for the 240.

The Jenn-Air is a possibility but can't find any reviews on it. If you purchased this one I would appreciate any feedback you have it on. Is it just a powerful microwave or does it function as a 2nd oven like we are looking for.


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