Help with "Frank" Signed Painting

hmiletichMay 4, 2014

I have a painting that is only signed "Frank." It is very large and it is very old. The frame has "Hecho en Mexico 700" stamped on the back of it. I have attached a photo. Any assistance or leads on who the artist was would be so much appreciated! I have additional photos if requested.

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Reminds me of one of the speed paintings that 'starving artists' do..usually in under an hour. IMHO

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It reminds me of a smaller one I bought from a street artist years ago in Mexico. Cannot remember what I paid for it , probably no very much. Some of the work they do , is quite amazing.

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"Hecho en Mexico" (made in Mexico) is stamped on many frames and likely has absolutely nothing to do with the painting inside it - look at the frames sold by Michaels, as well as the Starving Artists who set up sales in hotel lobbies etc. and sell frames separately for the unframed canvasses... they're all hecho en Mexico.

Like justlinda, I think the painting is a cranked out affair using the Bob Ross, "I can do anything with a fan brush" technique. As paintings go, I don't think you have a lot of value there. And Frank could be anybody.

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I had the same painting & frame only mine was done in shades of golds. Bought ours in 1975 out of the back of a truck in the new sub division we were living in..

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I think the picture is beautiful. I bought paintings from street vendors in Cusco, Peru for souvenirs. I also have watercolor prints painted by an American doctor in the Amazon rain forest. When I pass by them they always take me back for an instant to where they came from.

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I have a Frank as well.
frame is marked as Hecho en Mexico UF-16

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