ID Poster from 1934

gg492May 20, 2011

I have a small poster 10"X14" from the 1934 musical/movie "College Rhythm",starring Jack Oakie (among others).On the the back of the poster is very faint lettering which is repeated throughout on a slant, "Paper Manufactured By Kodak". My question, was Kodak paper used during this era? Could my poster be a print/copy? Looks aged by fading under boarder. But I'm no expert. Anyone have any advice on this. Thanks, Gary

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If it is printed on photographic paper, there's no chance that it's anything other than a photographic image.

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It might be a copy of an original poster, it also might be one of the PR materials that were shipped out to theaters to stick in the frames in the lobby to advertise coming attractions. Called "lobby cards".

Lobby cards were photos at times, and also were printed posters.

Value depends on condition and wh9o is mentioned or shown on the card.

That movie is noted for being an early appearance of Dean Jagger:

Here is a link that might be useful: IMDB movie info

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