Two Older Chairs

debodunMay 1, 2010

I may want to put these chairs out at our community-wide garage sale in a few weeks (copy and paste page address below in your browser's address bar to see them). Could anyone tell me approximately how old they are and a ballpark figure of what would be a reasonable price to ask. I don't want to set the prices so high nobody would be interested, yet I don't want to undersell either. Thanks.

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The gold one is junk...1970's Italian provincial wanna be...$20 if you are lucky...
The rocker is a very nice mahogany or walnut Lincoln called because that's the style of chair he was sitting in when shot.
Could be old or could be a newer repro....very nice...maybe $40 maybe $140...depends on what you find when you turn it upside down and look at the construction.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Chairs

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I have found the market for used furniture to be all but nil or very cheap. Regarding worthwhile antiques, it requires finding an interested buyer. As an example, I have a circa 1825, solid cherry drop leaf table. Probably worth around $2,500. Yet to find an interested buyer.

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