1800's plaster frame chipping off

brynnkubalekMay 15, 2010

I just purchased an oil painting of Scotland from the early 1800's to the Victorian era. It is in the original frame, but the frame is in poor condition with small chunks of it falling off. I bought the piece at an auction and whoever owned it before me used a gold paint to fill in the white exposed areas where the plaster has fallen off.

My question is.. Should I take my frame to a proffessional and have him/her try to restore it, OR should I leave it how it is? It is a beautiful frame but in need of a lot of help. Does the painting lose its value if someone restores it?

thank for any feedback

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Restore the painting or the frame?
The painting will look better in a restored frame....those old frames were made from plaster ornamentation on a wood base and then gold leafed.....not gold spray paint.
If you can afford it have the frame restored....it won't be cheap!!
Linda C

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