Looking for DIY bar ideas

dspenNovember 5, 2012

We are in the process of finishing our basement...dry wall is almost done, paint colors and flooring have been picked out. Looking into the future we plan on building a small informal bar. Not a wet bar. My thoughts were something that looks like a farm house table only bar height. And something thats not too heavy that we could move to another area of the basement if we wanted to. Possibly put wheels on the bottom? Maybe 6 or 7 ft long. would like to put bar stools on both sides to use as a table if needed, but could be pushed up against a wall if needed. I am thinking not over 3' wide.

Has anyone had any experience with building their own bar? Any do's or don'ts they would like to share? Any photos? Any suggestions?

Thanks so much for any help you can give


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Some thoughts and questions:
It seems what you're looking for is basically a table. Have you looked at places like World Market or a recreation retailer? I've seen 6 foot by 3 foot tables which are bar height and can be arranged as a square, lengthwise or separately.

How will you be using your bar? Casual or gatherings for say sporting events? I ask because if active participation is expected you will want weight to keep the tables from moving.

Where do you plan to keep glassware, liquor etc? Storage will not exist with a table.

I pose these questions because I have built my own bar. It is anchored in place, has storage below and a sink on the back bar. Width is 3 feet in the center and 4 feet on the ends. Comfortably permits snacks in the center with celebrants on both sides. Drinks can be mixed/served from the low bar, back bar or directly on the bar top itself. The overhang is 8 inches and I wish it were 10.

I'm linking our basement with photos of the bar, lighting, storage. Just want you to think through usage and application. Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Basement/Bar

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Thanks for your response fnmroberts

Nice bar!! Thanks for the pics. I have thought about a table that was pub height. Our problem is space. If we build a bar that sits away from the wall permanently, it will interfere with the pool table. There will be an occasional poker game and I thought it would be great if the bar could pull away from the wall and moved so there was seating on both sides. As far as glass ware and liquor, we are beer drinkers and will have a refrigerator. I thought about making a few shelves behind the bar/table that hang on the wall for a few items like glasses if needed.

We have been looking at plans for a farm table that would be slightly narrower and sit at pub height. I love the pallet furniture that people are doing.

I am curious if you or others may have other tips or ideas.


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