Remodeling unfinished basment what about concrete floors?

lynziejean1November 13, 2007


We recently moved into a 40 year old house and we are finishing a basment that was put in after the house was built. We are thinking about laying tiles but I remember seeing some houses that use concrete as a flooring instead. It can be stained colors and it looked really nice. The concrete floor that is in the basement has some cracks in it and I didn't know if they could skim over it. I was wondering if this would be a cheaper option than tiling. Any advice would be appreciated!!



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I just had the concrete in my basement stained. I decided on this route based on some threads here and in the flooring forum. I chose acid stain mostly to avoid problems with flooding in the future but also because I like the look. Many people do it themselves but my husband and I are not very handy so we hired someone.

I am incredibly happy with the results! It is just beautiful. The main room is a copper color and a small room used blue patina stain and the result is almost turquoise. For me the base cost was about $3 per square foot. However, my concrete was in such bad shape from adhesives from old carpet that I needed the floor ground down abit. I also got an upgrade on the sealer and added some scoring lines (to make it look abit like tile). This (especially the grinding) added a lot to the cost and it ended up about $5 square foot. I live in a very expensive area so you could probably get it done more cheaply. As for the cracks, I didn't have them filled - they look great with the stain. They used an water based epoxy sealer and I applied an addition two coats of wax for more shine and protection.

Good luck!

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Is the name of the product you used called polycrete? I have been talking to some people at work who have seen it in commercial applications and are planning to use it themselves for their basements. I am starting to consider it too.

From what I have gathered - they paint the floor with the epoxy sealer and then they can lay on what was described to me like a decal that will make the surface look like tile or stone. The expoxy not only seals the floor but also provides some insulating properties. This product seems perfect for both basements anad garages.

I am curious about how repairs can be done to the floor if the surface is chipped/scratched, or if you develop more cracks.

Also - can you post any links where I can read more about this product?


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