Controlling Spiders in Basements???

keilamarieNovember 12, 2006


I was hoping someone might have a few good ideas on controlling spiders in our basement. We have a newborn so I am not looking for chemical control. I understand they are beneficial however we have an area where we like to hang out away from the kids. On more than one occasion I have seen a spider decend almost right on my husband from above. I also won't grab any boxes and stuff because I tend to get a severe reaction to spider bites.

This is what we have done so far:

Leave the lights on in the active area

Keep the basement clean and dust free

Knock down webs near common areas

Plus we often re-organize it since adding to our family so there is alot of activity plus the laundry is down there.

With all these things going on to see so many spiders still makes me wonder if we have issues with a large population. We had to insulate our basement and have not capped it yet. I'm thinking maybe that might be causing lots of spiders. Our basement is dry never wet.

Any help would be great!

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How humid is your basement ? Spiders seem to like and need humidity to keep their sticky webs sticky and to keep it flowing out of them too. They say spider mites(teeny spiders) actually will die below 50% humidity and are so unconfortable below 60% their colony sizes dwindle.

Spiders seem to like to live near people because people attract their foods by dropping crumbs or making other insect friendly enviornments. Gotta attract those insects the spiders hope to catch for dinner. What's the bug attactant in your basement ?

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Humm...I don't know what insects but I'm sure going to try and find out. Thank you because now I have a good point to get my husband to empty the dehumifier more often! :)

Maybe it's our poor windows? We don't have the greatest basement windows maybe they are coming in through there. What attracts them might be the dog and cat food (we feed them down there) but they usually eat every drop and we don't let it sit. Might have to do some work in that area too.

Thank you for the direction to go in...I did notice I keep seeing them near the light bulbs maybe they are keeping warm since we have the lights on all the time?

Have a great holiday,

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Perhaps you need to take a closer look at those so called basement spiders of yours. You will find that they have little pointy ears and green pointy hats with bells on the tips. Your basement critters are actually little tiny elves that are working around the clock for all the good little boys & girls. Santa Claus chose your basement over all the rest because of its warmth. Due to the fact that both you and your husband often hang out in your basement, the constant lighting down there has provided not only adequate lighting for the elves to work late at night, but also provides free heating as they work into the weeeeeee a.m. hours of the morning. SantaÂs itty bitty elves often descend close to your husbands head because they want to take a closer look at him because they are totally amazed with how long he appears from up above. Santa Claus recently told me that his tiny elves enjoy talking amongst each other while working above your husband. Actually, your husband is often the topic of the night. Sooner or later one of those itty bitty elves will land on your husband to finally get a good look at how long he actually is. I really feel that once one of SantaÂs little helpers can actually land on your husband, the curiosity will be over and the two of you will be left alone as SantaÂs itty bittyÂs work above your hang out spot. I hope my input will help both you and your husband in dealing with those little so called basement spiders of yours.

Mrs. Claus
North Pole-U.S.A.

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Wink...Wink!! ;) ;)

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Well, spiders tend to be our friends, and will only stay where there is ample food. Check and see what they are eating (look near their nests). Basements attract all sorts of wee creatures which make tasty treats to spiders. Get rid of the spiders and you might find yourself overrun with something equally unattractive to you.

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