cobalt blue mirrors

danaohMay 9, 2007

My home was built in 1927 - my fireplace is completely covered with cobalt blue beveled mirrors - the space above the mantle to the ceiling is one piece, as are the sides, etc.

The story is that in the 30's the owner ordered them from somewhere overseas and spent $2500 on the mirrors.

First, is this story plausible and should we up our home insurance to cover it?

Second - anyone have any history or ideas about it?

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They sound drop dead gorgeous. I know nothing about them, but would LOVE to see a picture! Cobalt blue is my favorite color.

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It is hard to take a picture because it is a mirror. Yes, they are beautiful. When I first saw the house I thought they would be the first things outta here, but then I heard the story and began to appreciate thier beauty. Makes decorating a little tough, that is all you see in the living room. Can't seem to find any information on the internet.

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I know someone who bought a house of the same era, very Arts and Crafts, and the area over the fireplace was covered in a sort of rosy gold tone mirror.
And I remember a restraunt from my child hood that had lots of cobalt blue mirror on the outside.
Stand to the side and try to take a picture without flash....brighten it in your photo processing program if necessary.
As for upping your insurance? Don't know....would they be covered if someone threw a glass at one?
I'm sure it's beautiful!
Linda c

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Cobalt glass (also refered to as Galena glass) of all sorts experienced a huge surge in popularity throughout the deco/revival periods. "Cobalt" continually goes in and out of favor (currently out of favor). The use of the lead sulfides in galena fell out of favor and has been replaced by plastic coatings or "flashings" of a similar color though not nearly as rich and deep in my opinion.
I, too would love to see pictures of the FP surround to get a better idea as to the size/scale of product used.
I cannot comment on insurance as I don't own a house to concern myself with such details.

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Why don't you call your agent and ask them if you even need to 'up' your insurance. It may already be covered. I'd love to see it too. I live in art pottery country. Many of our old fireplaces in town are covered in their tiles. They're not on the same plane as that glass, but still the tiles in themselves are valuable.

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