Radon Mitigation System Installation

mtb54703November 23, 2011

I'm looking at installing a radon mitigation system. I have a two flu fireplace - one is used for wood burning fireplace on the first floor. The second flu was intended for a wood burning stove in the basement - which I have no intention of using. Can I pipe the radon out the flu?

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We bought a house this year. Had the home inspector test it for radon. Measured 5 in our basement. Still trying to decide what type of mitigation to pursue but I like your idea of venting it through the flue.

They say radon levels can vary from room to room (or different floors) and that these levels can fluctuate throughout the year. We didn't want to have to pay for more tests so we bought a radon detector that can be plugged into the wall 24/7.

We plan to see how the measurements are on all 3 floors before we decide how to mitigate.

I'll be watching this thread to see what others say. Any feedback about the type of detector I purchased would be helpful (thanks!).

A link that might be useful:


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Radon gas must be evacuated in a PVC piping. That can be placed in the chimney flue. But if you're using an active system, i.e., an exhaust fan, placing the fan at the top will be tricky. A passive radon system doesn't require a fan but may not be adequate.

Here is a link that might be useful: Building Science Corp.:Soil-Gas Control

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