Jan Korthals

icatzaz1May 14, 2010

Is anyone familiar with this artist's work? I've had this watercolor print for a long time and can't figure out if the signature is written and not part of the print. He often signed his prints. The only way i know of is to lick my finger and try to smudge the letters. That doesn't sound like a very good idea to me. Plus, it's in its original frame from 1965 complete with the Sears, Roebuck & Co. sticker, even though it was printed in Holland. I hate to rip the paper off just to see what's going on back there. It's not even torn after all these years. Any suggestions?

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There are "original prints" and photographic reproductions. An original print would be an etching or litho pulled and signed by the artist.
Look at the picture with a magnifying glass....if it's an original litho you will be able to see...if it's a photographic repro you will see a series of tiny dots that make up the picture.
I think it's highly unlikely that a Jan Korthals original litho ended up in a Sears frame.
Linda c

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Linda, the art itself does have the little dots, but the name of the piece and the signature do not. It is on what looks like high quality paper, though, there are fibers running through it. I'll do some further research on this. But thanks for that tip on identifying real from imaginary! It's also got a great mid-century frame. I bought this cos i love London and it's a beautiful watercolor. Just wanted to be sure i didn't need to insure it. Thanks again.

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Nope, no need to insure....enjoy it for what it is.....a lovely image...

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His work seems pretty popular on Ebay. Lithographs,esp.

Here is a link that might be useful: Korthals auctions

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You know, i saw that. The price differences were hilarious!

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Somewhere in maybe the late 20's to early 40's architectural prints of sites in Europe....etchings, engravings and less commonly lithographs were popular form for "wall art". In that time people would go to Europe and pick up a picture from a little stall on the Left Bank or from an artist under an umbrella in the Piazza San Marco...or where ever. And those who didn't get to Europe would buy the picture from an art dealer....and those who couldn't afford the price of a "real print" that is an original etching or engraving or water color....bought a photographic reproduction of that etching engraving or litho. My grand mother had such a picture on her wall....my friend across the street had a Rouen Cathedral picture.....and when I first started going to auctions those pictures of cathedrals, churches and bridges were showing up everywhere...for about $1.00 in a bad frame....sometimes for as much as $5.00. My friend who at that time was working on her masters in art history, pointed out to me that some of those cheap pictures were "real" original prints, and showed me how to tell a repro from a litho from an etching from an engraving etc. So I bought a few.
In that same genre are Currier and Ives....and my friend taught me how to spot a real one in a mess of repros....and things liek French fashion prints....and Godey's lady prints....all of which were originally engravings....not photographic repros.
So I have lots of prints on my walls....and all original, but for one, a gift from a dear friend who knew I collected Godey's prints and gave me one...but it was a repro....so I hung it away from the others and no one knows the difference but me....and then I remember my friend...who died last fall.
Linda c

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that is great information and a wonderful story.

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Jan Korthals was not a street artist. I knew the man. He had work in galleries and museums and he had backing from the Dutch government. I love his work.

If it is Sears, it is just a print, but beautiful nonetheless. He was an amazing artist.

This is him: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sUI3pw96Vw8

Here is a link that might be useful: jan korthals

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