Battery back up sump pump

drewemNovember 8, 2012

Hello all. I was wondering about the performance of battery back up sump pumps?

We lost power for 5 days due to Sandy. The basement flooded because the sump pump did not work.

If we get a battery back up sump pump, do we need to replace the 5 yr old working (when there is power) sump? Or some how hook the battery up to it?

Is there a suggested brand? Or is battery back up not the way to go? Maybe a different type of sump pump?

Thanks for your advice!

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A battery powered pump is actually a 2nd pump unit, installed in the pit with the float set to activate when the water level rises above the level for the standard pump. A 2nd discharge pipe is recommended.

Battery is continously charged via a charger connected to electricity. Battery pump time is affected by the condition (newness) of the battery, feet of lift and frequency of use. Good chance after 5 days a battery would be exhausted.

I installed a water powered back-up sump pump. Did so because I'll never have to worry about a battery.

Whatever you buy, get a good one, not the $89 special at a box store. All of my pumps are Zoeller but there are many good brands.

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Thank you very much fnmroberts. I will research a water powered one. The rain wasn't constant for those 5 days, so I think that even a full day or 2 would have been enough. How long do batteries last?

Would it be an issue if there was only one discharge pipe? Or can one be added after the fact?

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Because I don't have a battery powered pump I can't offer personal experience with battery life. I believe Marine batteries are recommended and I would expect a couple years might be a logical replacement cycle.

Some building codes require the discharge lines to be separated, not certain why. Yes, a second discharge pipe can be installed.

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