Help Identifying Crystal Punch Bowl

Steve008May 7, 2012

I bought this from a garage sale, and I'm wondering 1.What brand it is and 2. If it is indeed crystal...

There are no markings on it, I was told it was vintage. It has 6 cups matching the bowl's pattern.

A few pictures are at the links below

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Well without a closer look and without seeing the cups and the 2 pieces separated, it looks like you have a nice old base with a newer cheap bowl on top.
Let's see the2 pieces separatated and the bottoms of both.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful:

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You can tell that the top is not crystal but some kind of molded glass. Just look at the edge of the bowl. However, it is charming and would be useful at gatherings.

I bought a cheap glass punchbowl and matching cups ($5??) at our local drug store years ago. I use it at family holiday gatherings in warm weather for punch, and it works just fine and looks sufficiently festive.

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You have the base upside down ;-) The smooth side holds the punch bowl. That is made by Ohio's Imperial Glass and it's their Whirling Star pressed glass pattern, or a da**ed good knock-off.

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The bowl is not even a slightly good imitation of Ohio's Whirling Star.
The stand however is the real thing.

As for what is crystal and what is not....."crystal" sometimes describes lead glass.....which can be either molded or blown.
Both pieces of this punch set are molded...pressed glass....and because I know what type of glass was used, not lead crystal.
How about a picture of the cups? Are they the "real deal" or something newer?
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirling star

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I knew the whirling star pattern (it is made my numerous manufacturers) and indeed jumped the gun, it is not the one made by Imperial. But neither is the bottom. The smaller star pattern on the bottom is an exact match of the star on the punch bowl. Whomever made it, made both of them and they're meant to be together.

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The cups have the same pattern on them, I'll try and grab some better pictures tonight and post them...thanks for all the help so far!

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