How to cover columns?

mitushibNovember 29, 2007

I have just one exposed column after sheetrock has been put. I have an option of sheetrocking that too but is there any other decorative way in which this can be done as sheetrock is taking up a a six inch square space.

I remember one of the basement system guys showing something which you can just put over the column? Does anyone have any ideas?

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The home centers have a "column wrap". It is basically narrow wood strips attached to a canvas backing which wraps around the column. They have capitals and bases too. Or, we painted ours decorative.

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I painted mine in my last basement project.

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I wrapped mine in pine and stained them. They match the spindles, cabinets and corner closet that I also stained. They're about 7"x7" now. Since one is right smack dab in between the tv area and the game area, I asked a friend to cut out a piece of granite to slip around the post, making a sort of oval shelf to place beverages on. Beneath that, I'll attach little wooden shelves to the column for knick-knacks.

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I am a remodeler. We generally wrap ours in 1x wood material, and add extra columns in line (faux) to break up the room. When remodeling a basement it is all about visual perception since you are dealing with a fixed area of the house.

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