Can anyone tell me what this is?

mastaliMay 1, 2012

Hi, I was given this piece of furniture as a gift years ago but have no idea what it is or anything about it. I'm curious. Could anyone tell me what it is and how to go about finding out about it? It doesn't seem to fit in any of the catagories I know, ie. sideboard, dresser, bookcase etc. Thank you in advance for anything you can tell me!And I apologize if this is a stupid question! I know nothing about furniture.

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I believe it's a 1920-ish book case that had been poorly modified.
Linda C

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Thank you for your quick reply, would you mind telling me why you feel it's been modified? Like I said, I'm a furniture dummy! Thank you!

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Because some of the drawers look like theya re fronted with fir ply wood, the hardware is inconsistent with the leaded glass of the doors....and I see a 3 panel book case or curio cupboard....if you eliminate the drawers and move the center section down to let it sit on the bracket feet like the side pieces.
Linda C

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I also think it's been uber modified and could have been part of a built-in or larger unit. The bracket feet all strike me as being an after thought and not really well made, they don't even match up where they join. I suspect the center unit was exactly like the two to the side, and the bottom drawer was once on top, as well as a second one. It's been flipped over and the door re-mounted, then raised up to compensate.

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I think it was a built-in bathroom storage cabinet. I have seen intact 20's bathrooms with similar designed furnishings. Just never seen one that wasn't painted.
Maybe it was supposed to be installed, but instead got converted into this free-standng unit.

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I think it is as-built, but something that has always been a mishmash with strange proportions, along the lines of what Casey is saying.

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