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teri47December 1, 2005

Here is another angle of my neo-shower. Hopefully this will help see the angle of the shower door and walls.

Image link:

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That is really pretty.

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Hi Teri

Love your shower!!! Very nice. Would you mind sharing where did you get the shower glass door and whats the size of your shower? Do you have an acrylic shower pan?

I am looking to do a 32 X 36 shower in my basement and I would like to have something like this but the tiles I am doing on the wall will be angled. Oh..FYI, I live in IL.

What do you think?


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Sofia, Thanks for the compliment...but...I would not recommend a 32 x 36 neo shower stall unless you have no other choice. Mine is 36 x 36 and it's a very tight squeeze. You lose quite a bit of space with the "neo" shape. I was warned about this on this site but I had no choice because of the size of my bathroom and the existing plumbing. I am small and even for me it's hard to shower and shave my legs. It works out okay for when the grandkids come over and take showers! Also originally I put a shower head and the first time I turned on the shower to warm up the water, all the water started coming out the shower door. I had to take out the shower head and put in a slider shower head which I was able to face downwards and lower it so the water wouldn't come out the door. Just things to consider. The shower pan is Swanstone which I purchased from a local bath dealer. It's wasn't expensive. The shower doors was purchased from a local glass company. They did a very nice job installing. I believe it was around $800.00. I hope I helped. Good luck with your project

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Hi Teri

Thanks so much for your input.

My bathroom will be 7 X 7 nad I just love this look. My GC is also telling me the same thing regarding loosing a lot of space. He is still trying me to go for 36 X 32 rectangular shower. Lets see!!!

I have to go to HD to find out if they have 36 X 36 swanstone shower pan. On their website, I am just getting a bigger size.

Once again, thanks for all your input.


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My bath is 6 x 9. I agree with your GC, a rectangular will give you alittle extra room. With the neo shower that angle really does cut off quite a few inches of usable space.

BTW, my dad was here a few weeks ago. He is a big man, 5'11", weight 222. He joked around saying that if he dropped the soap he wouldn't have been able to bend down to pick it up! Does that help you any???? :-)

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Hey Teri

I guess I have to trade in the look for the usage.:):)

hmm..Now I have to start all over to look for 36 X 36 rectangular design. I will let you know the end results.

I am not able to find swanstone shower pan in the stores. they are saying that I need to order it. How much was the price for your shower pan. For the neo angled, I was quoted $289 or $320 ( different stores) and that was the basic white or bone color. Is that a good price?

Did you go with any special kinds of faucets too???


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