Feedback on NXR Range

congersJanuary 19, 2009

I am in the market to replace my 30" gas range and have been looking at the Electroux, GE Cafe and stumbled on the NXR. The NXR DRGB3001 which replaces the NRG3001 seems for the price to be a quality range in the professional line at a reasonable price without all the electronics that would be a problem down the line.

I have not been able to find a showroom to see the NXR range. Does anyone know a dealer that has one on display in the NY and northern NJ area? Am leaning towards the NXR but would like to see before making a decision and welcome feedback and comments.

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I got an NXR to replace an Electrolux that broke down in the first week (electronics controlling the main oven went out). After two weeks cooking on it, I'm really liking it. Some of the finish isn't quite as high-end as some of the higher end ($3,000+) ranges, but performance of the burners, oven and IR broiler has been great. The inner-outer ring burners give great control over heat, and oven is well calibrated (mines showing within 5-10 degrees).

The IR broiler is a little underpowered - it generates more heat than your average non-prosumer broiler, but not quite enough to do a true restaurant-style steak sear. Not a major complaint, but something to be aware of - and compared with the electrolux and ge, it's definitely a superior broiler.

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NY-NJ AJ Madison, Mr. Jays, Krup Kitchens NJ Reno's Paterson and Fairfield, Flam Tech in NYC, It appears to be of good quality and great value

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I am looking to place an order for the nxr today but am still hesitating bec I have not seen it yet...
Anyone know of showrooms near Philly , Southern NJ ?

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Try Airs appliance in downtown Philly

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I just ordered mine!!!
We saw one in a showroom and it looked pretty good. As mentioned, the fit and finish is not quite as polished looking as the Thermador, Wolf, et al, but not too bad either. The burners looked much better than the Capitol we were also looking at, and the blue enamel oven is pretty sexy, too. Cannot wait to cook on it!!!

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Was your NXR purchase made online and which model did you decide on, NRG or DRGB? Was pricing flexible?

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I saw two in a show room today. One had a grey interior with all silver nobs and the other had a blue interior with black trim on the nobs. Otherwise appeared identical though the one with the blue trim was $200 more. IS this the DRGB model vs the NRG? Is there any other differences?

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The DRGB is the latest model and the only difference I could see (and was told by the salesman) is only cosmetic. Different oven door handle and the front panel is not angled. All parts and mechanicals are the same.

Both interiors are blue. The 30" NRG is $1999 and the DRGB is $2299.

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yes they are the same i am a dealer of nxr and they are the same guts just different look ...and nxr is a great product it has same burner set up as your viking and it has lots of parts from germany wich is high quality parts although it is made in china the parts are from germany and the us mostly any questions feel free to write me

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collins design

I ended up ordering mine through a fairly local dealer, since they matched the best online price I could find (which was $1999 for the *NEW* DRGB, by the way, at a place in Texas...)

I haven't gotten it yet, but will report back with feedback later in the spring when we get it installed.

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Does anyone have any pictures of an installed nxr DRGB3001 or NRG3001? I'm wondering what the legs look like and how good the finish looks; it's hard to tell from the stock photos.

staceyneil, where did you find the $1,999 online price for the DRGB3001?

also, has anyone in the Southern California area actually seen one of these in a showroom?

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Jaty - I have the DRGB installed, and unless you're down on the floor you can't see the legs at all. I bought mine through the distributor staceyneil referenced - it's AusTex appliance (

Since I live in Austin, I was able to check the range out before buying it - so far, no regrets. Great performance, and seems very solid and reliable.

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collins design

Yes--- AusTex. Their web site has a higher price, but they were advertising it for $1999 on Craigslist. He confirmed it was a brand new range, not a scratch and dent. His shipping price was great, I think $99? And he even lowered his price somewhat when I said I was going to buy locally.

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Thanks staceyneil & mistermackie. I didn't see anything listed at their site (, but I was able to find their Craigslist ad.

Two additional questions I have:

1) Is there an optional center grate available?
2) Do the NXR ranges feel pretty substantial when you handle it (i.e. knobs, oven door, etc) similar to other Pro-style ranges? (I realize this is somewhat subjective, but you get the point).


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I haven't seen an optional center grate yet - but I can confirm that everything feels substantial. Knobs are metal, not plastic, and door has a great heft to it.

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collins design

I just saw that a continuous center grate is available as a $50 option from Eurostoves on their web site... I have a call in to my dealer to see if he can get me one. It's the ONE thing I was wishing for that the NXR didn't have.

I won;t be picking mine up for 3-4 more weeks but will update you when it's here and installed...


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I finally was able to see one of these in person (Thanks to scoey for pointing me in the right direction!). I have to honestly say that I was a bit disappointed though. I now understand what others have said about the finish not being on par with the $3,500+ pro-style ranges. It's just flat out not as nice as those units.

Now, that being said, when you compare it to other ranges within its price point, it does stand out. We are still considering purchasing the NXR, but are going to see if we can find a deal on one of the more high end pro-style ranges first since we are not in any rush.

I hope I haven't offended any of the NXR owners. I just wanted to provide some feedback for people who may be considering purchasing this unit without first seeing it in person. Like I said, we still may end up with one.

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Great performing range at great pricing

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Any recent updates on the quality of these ranges? Also we live in Maryland, any dealers nearby?


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I decided to purchase an NXR DRGB3001 after reading the reviews and there was a couple of reviews where several owners experienced the oven enamel paint chipping off and rust appearing. This kind of worried us but the positive reviews out weighted the few negative ones. We even when to to a local place to check it out and didn't see any of the chipping issues mentioned in the blogs.

After owning the range for a week, ours also had the chipping enamel paint issue. When the stove was installed, we didn't see these areas at all. Only after using the oven a few times did we notice that there were blue paint chips on our food. It got really bad after a few uses of the oven and the blue enamel just started coming off by itself. the biggest chip was over 1" long and about 1/2" wide. There are now over 7 chipped areas in the stove after 3 uses. The over worked perfectly as far as the burners were concerned. It took a lot of calls to the store where we purchased if from to get them to even call us back. And we're in the middle of trying to get this thing returned to them, but only after raising holy hell.

A $1900 stove that has enamel quality problems is a major safety issue in our opinion. Paint chips are falling into the food and if you don't catch them, you end up eating them and I can't imagine that being good for anyone's health.

But others have not have problems in this area. But a few of us have had the same safety issue if you search the NXR reviews long enough. So there does seem to be a manufacturer defect with the blue enamel interiors that a number of us are finding.

I would not recommend this stove to anyone as the service is terrible from the manufacturer. Leaving message after message and they will not return your calls at all. We're having to raise holy hell with the place we bought it from to try and get this thing returned. We may have to file a lawsuit if they don't take it back.

After this experience, made in China says a lot to us. I guess you get what you pay for despite the parts being from other countries. It's not the burners from Germany that is the issue - they work really nice. In our opinion, it's the build quality of the stove from China that's the issue. Aside from the oven enamel issue, the left hand exterior panel's fit and finish is not the same as the right hand sides. The gap is twice as big and it pops up a bit more and is not flush. But for the savings over the Wolf, I can live with that, but not the safety issue of the paint flaking off on your food.

I hope this helps others make up their minds and they don't have to go through the mess we're going through. It seems to be hit or miss with this issue.

Good luck with your decision...

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I would advise against buying this range. We have had ours for about six months. It arrived with a large piece missing (the metal piece across the front that the knobs are on). We finally received the part after much haggling between the seller, distributor and warranty people over who was responsible. The larger issue is the oven. Evidently, many of these ranges were made without a thermostat shield that results in a lower oven temperature than indicated and an inability to maintain a constant temperature. I was told today that the part has been on backorder for six months and that there are thousands of people waiting on this part.I hope "thousands" is just something they told me to keep me from calling weekly but that is what they said. The burners work great but I am essentially without a dependable working oven and no idea when I might have one.

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I am seriously considering this range, trying to see one first. The enamel issue is a bit scary and so is the oven thermostat issue posted by Libby. In looking at the dates on the different posts, it seems like the older posts are much more positive than the newer posts. Could the quality be going down?? Can't spend more than $2000 and I really hate all the electronics and gadgets on the mainstream models, (chicken nugget button...really?) Please tell me that the newer models are just as good! Read a post on another site that said they were using a lower grade of stainless on the newer models, and that they were rusting... anyone have any experiences with the models made in 2011??? The only place I can find one is in Texas and I am in the Philadelphia. I really love the look of this stove, but don't want to make a $2000 mistake! I have to make a decision soon, my normally patient DH is putting the pressure on!!! He wants me up and cooking again!

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