Tomahawk Head

blueheronMay 29, 2010

DH found a tomahawk stone at our place at the river. How would we find out if it's worth anything? I googled it and found all kinds of prices, but didn't see any exactly like the one we have.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

I know there are many people who have found stones such as your and also spear and arrowheads, so they probably aren't worth too much. Still, I would try to have an expert to look at it. If you want to, you could send a picture to the National Museum of the American Indian here in DC and ask them to look at it. There is also the Newberry Library in Chicago. They have a Native American department and maybe someone there could give you information. My cousin finds them on her property in central Virginia. Some are thousands of years old. Very cool.

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There is one for sale on eBay with a starting price of $290.00. It says "reserve not met." No bids yet.

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There is a book of Indian arrowheads & I think it might have spears but don't know about tomahawks. Also depends on which tribe. Warman's has book called "Native American Collectibles". Did you try American Indian auctions?

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The subject of Indian artifacts which might be found in the US is huge...believe me there is no "price guide" and they are not collectables....although people do collect, trade and buy and sell them.
Unless it is something very rare, I don't believe you will find anyone willing to pay much money for it. A museum will give you an indication of it's rarity.
Part of the value is based on the fact that there are lots and lots of people who buy and sell replicas....and some are so good at flint napping that it's very very hard to know a difference.
I am sure it's worth more to you as a curiosity than the few dollars you may get from selling it.
Linda C

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Type in American Indian items auctioned- 412,000 sites!! Take your pick of some area near where you live!!

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In my area, it has become illegal to collect native artifacts. If you find one, you are supposed to notify the state archelogical dept. And when you do that, you are in danger of having the site declared "significant" and off limits to collecting and other uses.

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Those American Indian auction sites are selling art, pots, jewelry, textiles, sculpture etc....not spears and tomahawks.
I wonder how many states are like where Jem lives? There are a lot of arrow heads and spear points found in Iowa where I live...along the river banks and in creek beds.
But I suspect they are more concerned with pot shards than arrow heads....and there wasn't much pot making among the Indians living in Iowa.

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You do have to be careful when buying an artifact like a tomahawk head. Many that are offered for sale are of recent manuafacture and not a historical item. These are fine as decoration, souvenirs, and examples of the art. Just beware of what you are getting. At rock hound shows, I have seen stone knappers make a tolerable copy of the real thing.

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