wine cellar construction check list - pls comment

sniffdogNovember 13, 2009

Looking for feedback before I start my long awaited project - thanks.

Location: basemment corner, 3 foundation walls form sides and back of cellar with cement floor 7 to 8 feet below grade. Front wall of cellar will be framed with 2x6's.

Cooling & humidity control system: passive cooling with automatic humidity control. Plan is to use a room humidor unit to keep humidity in the cellar at 75%.

Foundation walls: 2 layers of 2 inch foam board plus 2x6 framing filled with unbatted FG. First layer of foam board will be glued to foundation, second layer glued to first layer. All seams on foam tuck taped. Should I leave a 1 inch air gap between foam board and stud walls?

Ceiling: 16 inch deep webbed trusses will be filled with 2-3 layers of fiberglass batt insultation. First layer till have vapor barrier facing up towards the first floor. Second & third layer will be unbatted and completely fill the cavity. Should I add 1 inch of foam board attached to the bottom of the trusses to cover the ceiling?

Front wall: 2x6 stud wall filled with batt insultation - no vapor barrier. Front of wall will have 2 layers of 2" foam board attached to the front (outside wall - basement side).

Door: Anderson or Thermo Tru insulated fiber glass exterior patio door with argon filled double pain glass. I am looking at a tripple wide patio door with 1 working panel and 2 fixed panels.

Wall coverings: green board

Ceiling: celume vinyl celing tiles

Floor: stained concrete.

Additonal info: basement is partially finished and has insulated foundation walls. Basement has HVAC climate control and a whole house dehumidifier.

In winter, basement temp is 65 deg with 40% rel humidity. In summer, basement temp is 72 deg with 50% rel humidity.

Thanks for the help.

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Anyone building this type of cellar would be well served by getting Richard Gold's book on the subject. Also cork flooring is a very good option in the cellar.


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