Basement chimnet access

andrelaplume2November 6, 2009

Our home was built with a sort of double chimney. The big one with the big cap services the family room (gas log set) The second one that runs right along side it apparently is in the basement. Will we ever connect a pellet stove or somethong...who knows. Right now the opening is stuffed with fg insulation. What is the propper way to frame around this hole? There is also an Ash cleanout which we will never use below the hole. Should I just drywall over all this and if we ever decide to use a pellet stove then just open the wall? Is that code compliant? Am I better off installing one of those little sqaure pass thru type door things here?

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If you ever use this chimney you should keep the cleanout, that is where all the dead birds wind up.

To close it I would get a few bricks and mortar them in place. In case you ever want to use it the bricks will pop out pretty easily and in the meantime will provide an excellent seal.

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I thought the cleanout was where I could sweep in my ashes above and go down and empty it in the basement? We have gas ask. We also have chimney caps so birds better not get in there?

I was thinking about keeping ot open...who knows we may want a pellet stove or something someday. Right now its lined with fg insulation. The real question is 1) will fg suffice. 2) should I measure exactly where the hole is and put the deminsions some where safe and just drywall over it for now...or keep some sort of little door there for furture access?

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