Nature Stone Flooring in Basement

mom2sethcNovember 7, 2007


Anyone use Nature Stone in your basement? Do you like it? Is it expensive? We are going to DIY our basement rec area and are starting to think about the flooring and the ceiling choices.



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I heard they put in basements,never seen it though. I can say it holds up well outside. They did a section outside a building on the Ohio State fairgrounds a few years ago and it looks abourt as good as when it was installed. should hold up fine in a basement

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Bump up - just found out about this product and very interested to consider in our new home build. both for walk-out basement (kids coming in from hot tub outside, really don't want carpet in basement, concerned about wood. Had cork in last home but expensive)...

Also interested in garage.

Anyone experience with "nature stone" flooring?

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Went to their local store to see it and walk on it. Surprisingly comfortable to walk on, the very smallest stone pattern feels smooth on bare feet (not slick, just not rough). It is expensive however, not sure it makes sense for the cost for a whole finished basement but still considering. Would be great low - maintenance option.

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I had a friend who had this in her basement and she hated it because she felt she could never get it truly clean. She told me she worried about bacteria. I know these floors are sealed, but that was her experience.

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thanks for the feedback, very much appreciated

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