New GE Profile Dishwasher (PDT750SSFSS)

seashineJanuary 21, 2014

I will need a new dishwasher later this year in conjunction with a remodel. A salesperson raved about the new GE Profile (PDT750SSFSS). He said it was amazing and included some of the biggest changes that US dishwashers have seen in a long time; features that have been in Miele for a while already.
Does anyone have one or have anything to say about it?

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I can't speak to newer GE Profile. But I had an older GE Profile, and my only pet peeve with GE is they would no longer sell parts for a 14 year old machine (pump housing taken down by a $.25 pump seal, which they did not sell either). So although I wanted to fix it, I could not. So if you are content with junking a potential machine for a simple service repair after circa 10+ years of ownership, then proceed with the GE brand. They may not be the only brand with a similar mentality, but my expectation is for parts to be available at least 15 yrs for a major appliance so I can 20 years out of my hard earned dollars.

On a positive side about GE, it had limited issues for the first 14 years of operation. Twice I had to take the door apart to fix a delaminating sound shield pad that was messing up the dispenser operation. This would have been a service call for someone not as familiar with appliances as myself.


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Here' a discussion/review of this model:

Here is a link that might be useful: New Dishwasher On Order: GE PDT750

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My PDT750 is being installed tomorrow. Can't wait!

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Muffet , how is your dishwasher working?
sunshine, Did you end up buying the GE profile and is it working okay for you.
I want a dishwasher that is easy to load and washes without pre-rinsing like my old Kitchen aid. I moved into a home with a drawer style Kitchen aid and refuse to buy kitchen aid again.

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Getting parts after 14 years can be tough with any brand, unless it is a part that is common to many different models that sold very well.

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The first-generation KA drawer units (models KUDD01) were sourced from Fisher & Paykel. Second-generation KA units (models KUDD03, there was no 02 series) were manufactured by Fulgor, a completely different design than F&P.

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Still satisfied with your Profile DW? It's between this one and the Bosch 800+ series for me.

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I've used my PDT750 for several months now and still love it. The ability to wash just the top rack or the bottom rack has come in handy for partial loads. Love the silverware basket is sturdy and able to easily be carried to my silverware drawer. It is super quiet. I've found that it washes best if I don't pre-rinse the dishes. Plastics do retain water if I place them flat as I tend not to use the drying feature.

Just now experimenting with Cascade tabs as I've been using my DW liquid still on hand.

Biggest annoyance - the packing tape (super sticky) was applied directly to the SS door and removing the residue was time consuming.

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So they have to be dirty to get 'em clean? ;) Well, that's a pretty good recommendation I would say.

I was wondering about the silverware basket as well, and since this doesn't have the 3rd rack/silverware tray that so many want, it's good to know you like it.
We have a Bosch that has that 3rd top rack, and it's not all that useful, but that just may be from old habits.

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